Basil H. Messler Diary, page 10

April 12-20, 1864

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Tuesday Apr 12th 1864

got Breakfast, saddled up and took another scout of some 25 miles saw some Rebels got some Horses &C... returned at 3 P.M. to Raine. anchored off Greenville this evening. Wednesday 13th weighed anchor and landed at Greenville I wrote a letter to T.D.Morrin at Cairo in Hospitle read in various[sic] and pamphlets.

Thursday 14th left Greenvill to day runn down some 15 miles grand Lake there we found the Battie[sic] it had captured a Rebel Boat the Progress also some Prisenors. Friday 15th at Grand Lake Landing Nothing going on Lieut Wicoff receved his sesignation[sic] Papers. Saturday 16th left Grand Lake run up to Fords Landing went out on a Scout in the afternoon to Bayou Mason [?] on Bear Lake, Ark. returned at dark did not accomplish anything...

Sabath 17th at Fords Landing had Co insp on shore left at 11 A.M. run down to Skippers Landing took on some wood or Looked at the Boat Crew do it, had a Haile Storm and considerable raine rote letter to E.R. and then retired.

Monday 18 left Skippers ran down to Lake Providence. Laid up a Reg of Negros in Camp here The Boys had a Horse rase I was not out to see it as I was writing

Tuesday 19th took a Scout out through La[sic] in to Ark. and on the North side of Lake Providence rode some 35 miles return without accomplishing anything of interest.

Wednesday 20 left Providence for Vixburg Stopet[sic] a short time at Good Brides Landing arrived at Vixburg at 6 PM. Went out the 72 Inft camp spent the evente[sic] returned found T D Morrin on the Boat and a Happy meeting we Had &C...