Augustana College Student Government Records

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Augustana College and Theological Seminary (Rock Island, Ill.). Students’ Union.
Augustana College and Theological Seminary (Rock Island, Ill.). Student Government.
Augustana College (Rock Island, Ill.). Student Government Association. 


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The Student Government Association transferred its records (1946-2000) to Special Collections via then SGA member, Thilini Lansakara in 2004.



Student government began at Augustana College in 1892 with the group calling itself the “Student Union.” Upholding the honor system, assigning committee members, and overseeing committees were among some of the first responsibilities of the Student Union.

In the 1960-1961 school year, the group changed its name to “Representative Assembly,” abbreviated RA. During this time, the RA became responsible for many more committees in order to satisfy a larger and more diverse community at Augustana. These new committees addressed topics such as residential life, hazing, gender equality and awareness, faculty-student relations, and budgeting for student groups on campus.

During the 1986-1987 school year, the group changed its name for the final time to the “Student Government Association,” abbreviated SGA. SGA continued the policies and practices of the RA, but they also became more of a medium between the student body and the administration. For example, SGA members attended Augustana College Board of Trustees meetings and corresponded with the faculty and administration regularly about campus security and professor evaluations. In addition, the SGA began to promote more campus events for students, such as AIDs Awareness Week, and manage contingency requests from student groups on campus. 



The Augustana College Student Government records mostly contain minutes and records from the student government’s meetings and from various student committees’ meetings. It also includes the student government’s constitution and other copies with revisions and bylaws, their financial records and contingency requests from student organizations, and correspondence with faculty. In addition, this collection contains student surveys, reports, proposals, the student government’s and committees’ policies, student government and student committee membership records, and articles kept by the student government. 



The Augustana College Student Government records are arranged chronologically in the following series:

Series I. Augustana College – Students’ Union records, 1892-1959

This series includes minutes and treasury books from the Student Union. Some correspondence with faculty about students who have broken the honor code is contained in the minutes books. This series also contains the constitution, correspondence, and membership letters of the House of Representatives of Augustana College.

Series II. Augustana College—Representative Assembly records, 1960-1985

This series contains RA minutes and student committee meeting minutes and records, including policies, proposals, and correspondence. It also contains the RA constitution along with revisions, proposed revisions, and their Bill of Rights. Thirdly, this series includes records the RA kept from King Carl XVI Gustaf’s visit in 1976.

Series III. Augustana College – Student Government Association, 1986-2000

This series contains minutes, notes, and budget information from SGA meetings and from various student committees. It includes Augustana College Board of Trustees Meeting papers from 1993 and 1998, faculty correspondence on student relations, professor evaluation procedures and surveys, and proposals and policies for Campus Security. It also contains notes kept by SGA from the PUG fraternity trial and SGA’s promotions and records from AIDS Awareness Week in 1993-1994. 



Box 1
        Series I. Augustana College – Students’ Union records, 1892-1959
                Students’ Council Minutes Book, 1919-1927
                Students’ Union Treasurer’s Budget Book, 1948-1956

Box 2
                Students’ Union Minutes books, 1892-1906 (2 books)
                Treasury papers from Minutes book, 1897-1906
                Students’ Union Minutes books, 1923-1934 (3 books)
                House of Representatives of Augustana College, Constitution, n.d.
                House of Representatives of Augustana College, Membership letters, 1923-1925
                House of Representatives of Augustana College, Correspondence, 1923-1925
                Students’ Union Minutes book, 1946-1954

Box 3
                Students’ Union Minutes books, 1952-1962 (4 books)

        Series II. Augustana College—Representative’s Assembly records, 1960-1985
                Representative Assembly Minutes book, 1956-1961

Box 4
                Representative Assembly Minutes books, 1961-1970 (2 books)
                Greek Problems, 1957-1961
                Summaries of Committee and Board Meetings, 1967-1968
                Representative Assembly Committee Report, 1967
                Representative Assembly Minutes and Agendas Binder, 1971-1972
                Constitutions, Bill of Rights, Code of Social Conduct, circa 1970
                Correspondence regarding Student Rights Proposal, 1972
                Reports on Alcohol Policies on various campuses, c.1972
                Housing Advisory Committee’s papers on the Co-ed housing issue, 1972
                Records kept on King Carl XVI Gustaf visit, 1976
                Augustana Athletic Department Report: Elimination of Sex Discrimination in Athletic Programs, 1976

Box 5
                Representative Assembly Minutes & Agendas, 1976-1977
                Proposed New Food Service Plan, 1977
                Hazing Committee’s papers, 1975-1977
                Representative Assembly Minutes and Agendas, 1977-1978
                Meal Plan Options, 1978-1982
                Representative Assembly Minutes book, 1978-1979
                Divestiture of Augustana Endowment, 1979
                Representative Assembly Minutes and Agendas, 1979-1980
                Reviews/evaluations/correspondence regarding the quarter v. semester programs, 1965-1979
                Human relations/minorities, policies and indecent reports, 1971; 1979
                Representative Assembly Minutes Folder, 1980-1981
                “Task Force Report to Curriculum and Calendar Committee,” correspondence, and memorandums, 1980-1981
                Teacher Education Committee’s, “Teacher Education: Policies and Procedures,” 1981
                Applications and interview notes for student committees and student publications positions, 1981-1986

Box 6
                4-1-4 Calendar proposal and survey, 1981
                Representative Assembly Minutes folder, 1981-1982
                Hazing Policies, 1981
                Correspondence, 1981
                Representative Assembly Minutes folder, 1982-1983
                Central Budgeting Agency papers, 1982-1984
                Student Life Section, Human Relations Committee, and Gender Equity and Awareness Committee papers, 1982-1985
                Section Heads for committees and committee papers, 1983-1984
                Representative Assembly Minutes Folder, 1983-1984
                4-1-4 Survey, correspondence to new committee and Representative assembly members, 1981-1984
                Guides and Help brochures for off-campus housing, 1973-1983
                Budget records, 1982-1985
                Campus Facilities Section reports and meetings, 1984
                Communication Section and Publication Board reports and meetings, 1984
                Campus Ministry Committee Minutes, 1984-1985
                Internship Committee Minutes and Reports, 1984-1985
                Representative Assembly Minutes, Committees, Constitutions, and correspondence papers, 1982-1985

Box 7
                Representative Assembly Minutes book, 1985-1986
                Semester to term conversion correspondence, 1984-1987
                Student Faculty Administration Relations committee minutes and records on “Who’s Who Among…,”
                Publication Board correspondence on yearbook, 1985 1985
                Teacher Education Committee’s records on Teacher/Course Evaluations, 1975-1985
                Representative Assembly Agendas, Minutes, Committees, Suggestions, and Leadership Techniques papers, 1985-1986
                Committee Reports, 1985-1986
                Long Range Planning Committee papers, 1985-1986
                Student Personnel Committee papers, 1985-1986
                Student Faculty Administration Relations Committee papers, 1985-1986
                Parking Board papers, 1985-1986
                Budget Committee papers, 1985-1986
                Faculty Senate Policies papers, 1985-1986
                Representative Assembly Agendas and Minutes, 1985-1986
                Termination of WASR radio papers, 1976-1986
                Registration Aid, 1986-1988
                Agendas and Committees, 1986-1987

Box 8
        Series III. Augustana College – Student Government Association, 1986-2000
                Student Government Association Minutes and Agendas papers, 1986-1987
                Teaching evaluations, 1987
                Student Government Association Minutes, 1987-1988
                Student Government Association agendas, 1988
                Off-campus party policies, laws, and layout of fines, 1988
                BOS fraternity bringing Katherine Brady to speak on sexual assault, 1988
                Proposal for non-alcoholic social facility draft, 1989
                Student survey about Greek system, correspondence from dean, drafts of new Greek constitutions, and forum report,
                Mayoral forums and reports, 1989
                Miscellaneous Student Government Association notes, minutes, and agendas, Part I 1988-1989
                Miscellaneous Student Government Association notes, minutes, and agendas, Part II 1988-1989
                Student Government Association Minutes and constitution, 1989-1990
                Student Government Association Agendas, correspondence on recycling, adding courses, and revised constitution, 1989-1990
                Alcohol on campus articles, published 1989, received 1992
                Student Government Association Agendas, 1990
                Flyers, rosters, reports, and the Borough of Glassboro v. Vallorosi case papers, 1990-1991
                Correspondence, education policies, and committee minutes, 1990-1991
                Student Personnel Committee papers, 1990-1991
                Correspondence, constitution, and flyers, 1990-1991

Box 9
                Financial/Budget book, 1987-1992
                Student Government Association agendas, 1992-1993
                Correspondence to administration, 1992
                Administration Responses, 1992-1993
                Pre-construction library plans, 1991
                Correspondence, SGA promoted events, flyers, and Safer Sex/AIDS Awareness week information, 1992-1993
                Student Government Association Minutes, 1992-1993
                Enrollment Management and Retention Committee papers, 1992-1993
                Faculty Senate Meeting papers, 1992-1993
                Student Personnel Committe papers, 1992-1993
                SFARC (Student Faculty Administration Relations Committee) budget and miscellaneous, 1992-1993
                Correspondence and hand-outs, 1992-1993
                Miscellaneous, 1992-1993
                Attendance, Committees, agendas, correspondence, and minutes, 1992-1993
                SGA promoted events, contingency requests, and miscellaneous, 1992-1993
                PUGs fraternity trial, 1993
                Board of Trustees May 3, 1993 Meeting papers kept by SGA President, Chris Coulter Part I, 1992-1993
                Board of Trustees May 3, 1993 Meeting papers kept by SGA President, Chris Coulter Part II, 1992-1993

Box 10
                Board of Trustees May 3, 1993 Meeting papers kept by SGA President, Chris Coulter Part III, 1992-1993
                Student Government Association progress report, newsletter, and student suggestions, 1993
                Campus Security Phones, 1993
                Student Government Association Minutes and Agendas, 1992-1994
                AIDs Awareness votes and Student Government Association Membership records, 1993-1994
                Minutes and agendas, 1993-1994
                Outgoing memos and miscellaneous from Student Government Association Minutes, 1993-1994
                Constitution, rosters, budget, and publicity papers, 1993-1994
                AIDs Awareness Week Budget papers, 1994
                Student Government Association Research Reports, 1994
                Campus Security proposals for PACES, ASSET, and WESCORT, Part I, 1994
                Campus Security proposals for PACES, ASSET, and WESCORT, Part II, 1994
                Invoices and Check requests, 1994-1995
                Contingency Requests, 1994-1995
                Budget Statements, 1994-1995

Box 11
                Invoices, 1995-1996
                Contingency Requests, 1995-1996
                Kevin Brophy’s notepad, 1996
                Student Government Association Minutes, Senate proposals, and bylaws, 1997-1998
                Budget Statements, 1997-1998
                Board of Trustees May 1 Meeting papers, 1998
                Board of Trustees October 30 Meeting papers, 1998
                Budget Statements, 1998-2000

Box 12
                Representatives Organizing Campus Committee papers, 1998-1999
                Senior Senator Candidate applications and questionnaires, 1998-1999
                Senior votes for graduation location, 1999
                Halftime Shootout Correspondence
                Augustana Publications kept by SGA on SGA-involved students and faculty, 1996-2000
                Resident Hall Senators response to “12/5 Overhaul”
                Correspondence, complaints, proposals, and suggestions to Student Government Association, 1998
                Student Payroll System
                Office of Student Activities Office Procedures Manual
                Campus Incident Reports, 1998-1999
                Augustana College Student Fee Allocation, 1999
                “Retention Program” by Diane Witte, published circa 1977
                Task Force for improving Relationships with Students survey
                Miscellaneous, 1989-2000



MSS 52 Social Committee records, 1937-1948 

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