Arthur Wald Armistice Day collection
1917-1935, and undated

MSS 315
approximately 4.67 linear feet (including oversized materials)


Wald, Arthur Anderson.


English, German, Spanish, French, Esperanto


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Wald, Arthur Anderson.
Armistice Day.
Peace movements.
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Most items from this collection were donated by Arthur Wald. The materials in this collection were used in Wald's "Armistice Day Exhibit" displayed in Denkmann Memorial Library in 1935. Those items that were not used as part of the exhibit were likely collected in conjunction with the exhibit.



The Arthur Wald Armistice Day collection is a compilation of pamphlets, articles, political cartoons and other propaganda gathered together by Dr. Arthur Wald, Dean of the College at Augustana College and Theological Seminary from 1931 until 1947. These items were donated by over 25 various activist organizations involved in the Anti-War movement in the early 1930s and were put on display in Denkmann Memorial Library in the fall of 1935 in observance of Armistice Day. The campus peace program also included a visit and speech from C. Douglas Booth of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, one of the donating organizations to the exhibit.

Not all included items were featured in the Augustana exhibit; the supplementary mission statements of religious organizations, discourse regarding world news and calls to action through various groups' membership are either extensions of or related to the peace movement materials already gathered by Wald. Both groups with certain proximity, such as the Augustana Synod, and those with more national recognition, such as the League of Nations Association, donated items for Augustana College's participation in what was called its "Armistice Week Exhibit" to raise campus awareness and support.



The collection consists of eight series: Armistice Day; Secular Organizations; Religious Organizations; Foreign Publications; Military and Armaments; Miscellaneous Issues; Propaganda; and Posters, Flyers and Newspapers.

The Armistice Day series (1932, 1935 and undated) contains proposals for celebrations held by schools and churches in remembrance of Armistice Day. Many of these materials were distributed by the National Council for Prevention of War and detail events held across the nation such as a Children's Parade, various play scripts, dramatizations of world events, and other local displays and exhibits as means to prompt other organizations to create their own celebratory events. Included are correspondence letters to Dean Arthur Wald confirming the organizations' Armistice Day donations to Augustana College's own exhibit.

The Secular Organizations series (1922-1935, scattered and undated) contains secular organizations' newsletters, bulletins and flyers. Notable organizations include the All Peoples' Association, Foreign Policy Association, League of Nations Association, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Publications specifically for students such as World Events and The Pilgrim Highroad are included, as well as brochures for summer programs at college institutes focusing on international relations and world peace. Various subscription forms and postcards to various organizations are also included.

The Religious Organizations series (1926-1935, scattered) contains numerous religious organizations' official stance on war. Included are peace resolutions from such groups as the Society of Friends, Methodist Episcopal Church, American Unitarian Association, the Augustana Synod, Church of Christ in America, the Disciples of Christ, and various Congregational Christian Church Associations. Also included are minutes and reports of the secretaries from church peace unions as well as church services and prayers directly relating to world peace. These newsletters, pamphlets and flyers published by various religiously affiliated organizations address the history and objectives of the organizations, list pastors and congregational supports, as well as report on broader world events and encourage activism within a religious context.

The Foreign Publications series (1925-1935, scattered and undated) contains multi-language publications by War Resisters International published in German, Spanish, French and Esperanto. Also included are English translations to select publications. In addition, War Resisters German newsletters without translation are included.

The Military and Armaments series (1917-1935, scattered) contains material regarding national defense, armaments versus calls for disarmament, and munitions policy. The majority of national defense material pertains to the U.S. Navy, including public addresses from naval officials, petitions for increased "fleet auxiliary" and supporting charts and figures detailing the amount of vessels needed versus those allowable by proposed treaties. There are additionally pamphlets distributed by the National Security League as well as newspaper articles.

The Miscellaneous Issues series (1934-1935, and undated) contains various pamphlets and articles regarding the non-militaristic controversial issues of the decade including the economic implications of war, the validity of the press and also the U.S. neutrality policy. Many of these publications on economy were distributed by the National Council for Prevention of War, the American Friends Service Committee, World Affairs and World Peace Foundations.

The Propaganda series (1934 and undated) contains 7 anti-war postcards and 4 political cartoons taken from newspapers or otherwise distributed by the International War Resisters League. It also contains "The Lighter Side of Peacemaking" pamphlet that contains additional political cartoons and literature.

The final series consists of oversized Posters, Flyers, and Newspapers relating to subjects of peace, disarmament, and other issues.



Box 1
      Armistice Day
            Armistice Day Programs (1935)
            Armistice Plays (1932 and undated)
            Armistice Day Celebration Ideas (undated)
            Letter to Dr. Arthur Wald from League of Nations (1935)
      Secular Organizations
            National Peace Conferences and Statements of Principles (1934-1935) [Note: housed in box 3]
            All Peoples' Association Pamphlets (1933 and 1935)
            Foreign Policy Association Pamphlets (1935)
            Quarterly News of League of Nations (1935)
            Historical Documents and Biographies by American Peace Society (1922 and 1932)
            Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (1934-1935)
            Various Secular Newsletters and Bulletins (1935) [Note: housed in box 3]
            Publications for Students (1935)
            International Relations Institute Brochures (1935)
            Subscription Information (1935 and undated)
      Religious Organizations
            Church Peace Resolutions (1926-1935, scattered)
            Council of Congregational Christian Church Minutes (1934)
            Church Peace Union Report of the Secretaries (1933 and 1935)
            Religious Newsletters and Pamphlets - World News and Activism (1932 and 1935)

Box 2
            Religious Newsletters and Pamphlets - Manifestos and Local Support (1928, 1933-1935)
            Peace Services and Prayers (1934-1935) [Note: housed in box 3]
      Foreign Publications
            War Resisters Pamphlets - English (1925, 1934-1935 and undated)
            War Resisters Pamphlets - Multi-Language (1929-1930, 1934-1935 and undated)
            Modern Martyr Pamphlets - English and German (1927)
            War Resisters Newsletter - German (1934-1935) [Note: housed in box 3]
      Military and Armaments
            U.S. Navy National Defense Material (1935 and undated) [Note: housed in box 3]
            United States Navy in Peacetime Pamphlet (undated)
            National Security League Pamphlets (1917-1929, scattered)
            Munitions and Disarmament Pamphlets (1932 and 1935)
            "Bombing from the Air" Article (1933)
            "National Defense" Article (1935) [Note: housed in box 3]
      Miscellaneous Issues
            "Truth in the Press" Articles and Pamphlets (undated) [Note: housed in box 3]
            U.S. and Neutrality Legislation (1935)
            Economic Pamphlets - National Council for Prevention of War (undated)
            Economic Pamphlets - American Friends Service Committee (1934-1935)
            Economic Pamphlets - World Affairs and World Peace (1935)
            Anti-War Postcards (undated)
            Political Cartoons (1934 and undated) [Note: housed in box 3]
            Propaganda Posters and Pamphlets (1934 and undated)

Box 3
      Secular Organizations
            National Peace Conferences and Statements of Principles (1934-1935)
            Various Secular Newsletters and Bulletins (1935)
      Religious Organizations
            Peace Services and Prayers (1934-1935)
      Foreign Publications
            War Resisters Newsletter - German (1934-1935)
      Military and Armaments
            U.S. Navy National Defense Material (1935 and undated)
            "National Defense" Article (1935)
      Miscellaneous Issues
            "Truth in the Press" Articles and Pamphlets (undated)
            Political Cartoons (1934 and undated)

OPF-315/1-3 [formerly box 4]
      Posters, Flyers, and Newspapers



MSS 14 Carl Linus Esbjorn Papers (Contains a League of Nations series)

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