Olof Olsson Family Papers

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Olsson, Olof, 1841-1900
Olsson, Anna Lisa
Olsson, Anna, 1866-1946
Olsson, Maria, 1869-1934
Olsson, Lydia, 1874-1958
Olsson, Johannes, 1877-1967


English, Swedish, German


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Olsson, Olof, 1841-1900
Olsson, Anna Lisa
Olsson, Anna, 1866-1946
Olsson, Maria, 1869-1934
Olsson, Lydia, 1874-1958
Olsson, Johannes, 1877-1967
Augustana College and Theological Seminary (Rock Island, Ill.)--Faculty.
Augustana College and Theological Seminary (Rock Island, Ill.)--Students.
Augustana College and Theological Seminary (Rock Island, Ill.)--Administration.

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The contents of this collections have come from a variety of sources with the bulk of the materials relating to Mia, Lydia, Anna and Hannes Olsson received in 1982 and 1997 from Brynolf and Gertrude Lundholm. A collection of books was donated by Frances and Ethel Becker by way of Katherine Milton in 1970. The origin of the majority of the papers relating directly to Olof Olsson is unknown.



Olof Olsson was born in Sweden in 1841. He was trained for ministry and ordained as a parish pastor in Värmland, Sweden. On December 22, 1864 he married Anna Lisa Jonsson. They would have four children together: Anna, Maria, Lydia, and Johannes. Olof and Anna Lisa emigrated along with Olsson's parents, Olof and Britta, his brother Carl, and 250 others from Sweden to the United States in 1869. They settled in Lindsborg, Kansas, where he founded the Bethany Evangelical Church on August 19, 1969. He also served McPherson County as State Legislator for two terms while serving as pastor and missionary.

In 1876 Olof was offered a professorship at Augustana College and Theological Seminary, Rock Island, Illinois. At first he declined because of his attachment to his community in Kansas, but one year later he accepted the position.

In 1879 he and his family toured Europe for five months. On March 18, 1887, Anna Lisa passed away. Following his wife's death he resigned from his position at Augustana in 1888. In 1889, Olof and his four children traveled again to Europe. They lived there for one year. On June 17, 1891, after his return to the U.S., Olof was unanimously elected to the Augustana College presidency and he accepted.

Olof achieved the degree of Doctor of Divinity in 1892, and in 1893 the University of Uppsala, Sweden, made him an honorary Doctor of Philosophy. At this time he wrote extensively in German, Swedish, and English. Works from pamphlets to volumes were published here and abroad, and often translated into other languages.

Olof died on May 12, 1900, and his funeral was held on May 16. He was buried in the family plot in Riverside Cemetery, Moline, Illinois.

Very little is known about Anna Lisa Olsson. Born the daughter of a coal miner, Anna Lisa Jonsson married Olof Olsson on December 22nd, 1864. She was the mother of his four children: Anna, Lydia, Maria, and Johannes. On March 18th, 1887, Anna Lisa passed away.

Anna Olsson was born on August 19, 1866, in Värmland, Sweden. She was the first daughter of Olof and Anna Lisa Olsson. She migrated with her parents and extended family to Lindsborg, Kansas, in 1869 when her father accepted a position of pastor in the small town. In 1876 Olof Olsson accepted a professorship at Augustana College and Theological Seminary, and at this time Anna and her family were moved to Rock Island, Illinois.

Within the Anna Olsson series there is a story that describes the train trip from Lindsborg, Kansas, to Moline, Illinois. From 1882 to 1883 Anna attended Bethany Academy in Lindsborg, Kansas, but returned to Rock Island later in 1883 and started at Augustana College. She studied German language and literature. The year of 1887 was difficult for Anna because her mother died, and Anna became the "mother" of the family by fulfilling the duties of a Pastor's wife. In 1888 Anna was the second woman to ever graduate from Augustana College. From 1888 to 1889, Anna was a teacher in the Children's Department at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas.

From 1889 to 1890, Anna and her family toured Europe. While there, Anna spent several months at a German school. She also attended literature and philosophy lectures at the University of Zurich. Then in 1891, Olof Olsson was unanimously elected President of Augustana College, and they moved back to Rock Island, Illinois, once again. In 1895 Anna became the principal of Ladies' Hall at Augustana College. Then again from 1896 to 1898 Anna attended Augustana College and studied Italian, French, and literature. Anna quit her position at Ladies' Hall in 1900.

In 1917 Anna Olsson had her book, entitled "I'm Scairt," published by the Augustana Book Concern. The book was a biography of her life written from a child's perspective. It gives a detailed description of the family's move to the United States from Sweden, and of her school days at Augustana. Anna remained in the same residence in Rock Island, Illinois, working as a writer until she died at the age of 79 on February 15, 1946. She was buried in the family plot in Riverside Cemetery, Moline.

Maria Olsson, affectionately known as Mia, was born on September 15, 1869, in Lindsborg, Kansas. Mia spent her childhood growing up on the farm in Lindsborg. After her mother passed away in 1887, the family took a long trip to Europe. On this trip, which was between 1889 and 1890, Maria and her sister Lydia took lessons in "fancy work." It seems this is when her success in dressmaking sparked.

After returning to the U.S., specifically Woodhull, Illinois, in late June of 1890, Maria and Anna became the housekeepers of their home. In 1895, Mia started attending Augustana Conservatory of Music, studying piano. In 1896, Mia enrolled in Elocution and Physical Culture.

In 1904 or 1905, Maria patented the "Combination Collar Fastener." Records held in MSS 3 contain both dates. The fastener was used to secure collars or belts. It took the place of whalebones and hooks and eyes, and predated the first patent on the zipper. This would become a career for Maria Olsson.

Maria died on May 3, 1934, and was buried in the family plot at the Riverside Cemetery in Moline.

Lydia Olsson was the third daughter born to Reverend Olof and Anna Lisa Olsson on April 14, 1874, in Lindsborg, Kansas. Like her sister Maria, she grew up on the family farm in Lindsborg. Later in life Lydia traveled with her father and siblings to Europe in 1889. She stayed in Zurich, Switzerland, with Maria and Johannes while Anna and Olof went to visit Italy.

After returning to the U.S. in 1890, Lydia was enrolled in Phonography and Typewriting, Chorus, and Voice between 1892 and 1895. During the 1894 school year, Lydia was appointed Library Attendant. The Spring-Summer 1989 issue of The Augustana Historical Society Newsletter stated that she was Assistant Librarian for the 1895 school year. Lydia became Librarian of the Augustana College Library in 1897, while registered as an Art student.

From 1901 to 1902 and 1905 to 1912, her occupation was recorded as bookkeeper. Then in 1915 it was changed to Assistant Librarian of the Augustana College Library. After that Lydia was a clerk in the Tractor Department of the Moline Tractor Company. Again in 1922 she served as Library Assistant in the Denkmann Memorial Library. She kept this position until 1945.

Lydia passed away on March 1, 1958, and was buried in the family plot in Riverside Cemetery, Moline.

Johannes Samuel Olsson was born either in Moline or Rock Island on July 4th, 1877. He was the only son of Olof and Anna Lisa Olsson. Johannes, affectionately Hannes, spent his twelfth birthday in Germany on his family's tour of Europe in 1889 to 1890. Anna was Hannes' teacher at the time. He seemed to have an interest in carpentry.

After returning, the family spent time in Chicago and Rock Island. Then they moved to Woodhull, and lived there for ten months. Here, Hannes learned to play the violin and attended school. At the same time Hannes was given two copies of his father's book to sell.

Hannes was very close to his sister Anna. An entry from her day journal expressed that she wished for Hannes to attend college, and so he did. Hannes enrolled at Augustana in 1897. Then in 1900 Hannes enrolled in the Conservatory of Music, and finally from 1900 to 1901 he attended the Business College at Augustana.

Following his time spent at Augustana, Hannes was hired as a clerk for Hartz and Company, which was a wholesale and retail drug business. Then in 1929 Hannes became a music teacher, then a band leader in 1931. After that he was once again a music teacher, then a musician, and then a music teacher again in 1936. After Lydia's death in 1958, Hannes was the sole surviving child of Olof Olsson. Word of mouth suggests that in 1962 Hannes was moved to a care home.

There were two works written by Hannes. First was titled "Fadervar" and second was "Tillegnadt minnet af minfeder from lidne Dr. O. Olsson."

Johannes Samuel Olsson passed away on September 23, 1967. He was buried in the family plot in Riverside Cemetery, Moline



The Personal series (1879 and undated) contains an Anna Lisa Olsson tribute upon death. It also contains a journal, an Ordination certificate, a concert ticket and program, a railroad ticket, and a business card. Other items include a House Bill concerning one of his parishioners majority rights, an account statement, a prayer, a map of Arkansas, an Augustana document, and three miscellaneous writings in Swedish

The Ministry series (1878-1899 and undated) has been broken down into two categories. They are Correspondence and Sermons. The correspondence within the Ministry series contains letters from family, friends, parishioners, and other pastors. The sermons were those written and most likely spoken by Olof Olsson to his parishioners. This section contains sermons written on paper, or drafts, and sermons written in books, which seem to be the "final" draft of his sermons.

Presidency (1886-1900 and undated) contains correspondence and other miscellaneous items. The correspondence here is again from family, friends, former and current parishioners, other pastors, and students of the college. The letter fragments found here are pieces of letters that have no date. The miscellaneous items found within this series are Conservatory of Music Programs, Reformation Festival Programs, Augustana College Programs and other miscellaneous programs all dealing with Augustana College at the time of Olsson's presidency. There is also a copy of Olsson's final report to the Augustana Synod that he delivered as President in 1899.

Writings (1867-1925 and undated) has three sub-series, which are Published, Church and Educational, and Miscellaneous. The sub-series Published (1878-1925 and undated) contains two drafts of Olsson's published book Till Rom Och Hem Igen, as well as the copyright documents pertaining to the book. It also contains some other miscellaneous writings published in magazines and newspapers. The Church and Educational sub-series (1886 and undated) contains several pieces by Olsson relating to religion, particularly to Lutheranism, and to education. Some of the pieces describe "A Well Balanced Education" and the needs of the Swedish Lutheran Church at the time. The Miscellaneous sub-series (1867-1894 and undated) has journals of events that Olsson wrote as well as drafts of Framåt magazine writings, but it mostly holds speeches that Olsson delivered. It has funeral readings, Christmas day speeches, and speeches addressing the Swedish public.

Account Books (1867-1889 and undated) is the next series. It contains the books that Olsson used to keep track of expenses and debts. There is one book that was specifically used for Olsson's trip to Europe with his children.

Next is the Notes series (1879-1898 and undated). It holds random notes that Olof Olsson took at various points in his life. Several of them seem to deal with his work as a pastor.

The next series is Lecture Notes (1879-1898 and undated). Lecture Notes contains notes that Olof Olsson took during his time here at Augustana. It has notes that contain class lists at the time of Olsson's presidency as well as the class schedules.

Diaries (1867-1899 and undated) is the next series. It contains the personal thoughts of Olof Olsson during his years as a pastor and as the President of Augustana College.

Tributes to Olof Olsson (1900) is a series that contains a great number of newspaper clippings that were written after Olof Olsson's death. It also contains several sympathy cards and memorials from the funeral. Flowers from Olof's funeral as well as tributes to him can also be found here.

The Photographs series (1861-1905 and undated) holds several family pictures and a few pictures of friends. It also contains a few pictures of Olof Olsson and some of his college friends.

Next is the Texts series (1839-1993 and undated). Julbesoket contains an assortment of Olof Olsson's published material collected and bound in 1993. Meditations of Samwell Wilkins is a book that Olof owned, and since the cover is missing it could not be catalogued into Special Collections. There is also a folder of facsimiles from the title pages of several books Olof owned. These books have been separated and catalogued in Special Collections.

The Anna Lisa Olsson series (undated) contains a handwriting book, which doesn't directly document to whom it belongs. However it was linked to her because her signature is found on more than one page within the handwriting section of the book, and it is signed using her maiden name. The drawings are not marked either, but they match up with the style of those found in the book. The handwriting in the book is all in Swedish.

The Anna Olsson series (1800-1941) contains seven sub-series. They include: Personal, Correspondence, Diaries and Journals, Album, Written Works, Texts, and Print Making Items.

The Personal sub-series (1880-1941 and undated) contains Anna Olsson's Confirmation record, passport, death notice, and a sermon. It holds other items such as wedding and class reunion invitations. The sub-series ends with several hospital receipts.

The Correspondence sub-series (1869-1941 and undated) contains personal correspondence and postcards addressed to Anna Olsson. The sub-series Diaries and Journals (1880-1890 and undated) holds Anna Olsson's personal journals and a diary. These first journal has several passages in Swedish, but some are in English. They give schedules, times of music lessons given to others, and her own thoughts about housework. The journal also contains notes from her schoolwork. The second journal is a nature journal and it holds several dried leaves and flowers. Finally, the diary and a typed translated copy are included in the sub-series. The diary contains her thoughts and experiences during the family's stay in Europe between 1889 and 1890.

The Album sub-series (undated ) includes a post card album put together by Anna. They seem to be post cards that she received from friends and family.

Next is the Written Works sub-series (1879 to 1926 and undated). This sub-series includes the published and unpublished work of Anna Olsson. The published work includes "Vintersol," "Vinter," "1879, 1883-1888, 1884, and 1887," "Mamma dod," "Vackert, Vackert," "Vi rasert tangt bort," "Afdelming II," "Bref till farbror X," "Forfattaren," "Islossmingen," "Hosttenkar," "Lits om musik och misikmanmiskor," "Pranovirtirosen," "Lillr Anton," "I blatt och hritt," and "Praricskiss II." Her published stories that are translated or in English include "Somebody's at the Back Door" and "August Anderson's Wife." Another unpublished English piece is untitled. The original copy of her writing "I'm Scairt" is also included, as well as a play titled "The Rest Cure." Following are several unpublished manuscripts titled "In Moline," "Vara nya lekkamrater," "Commencement," "Analla Gubbar och Farliga Gubbar," "I Lindsborg Igen," "Homa i Skogen," "Mrs. Skola," "In Moline Again," "Picnic pa on," " Varlilla," and untitled.

The Texts (1800-1916) sub-series includes facsimiles of the title pages from several of Anna Olsson's books. The books have been separated and are now cataloged in Special Collections.

The last sub-series is Print Making Items (circa 1910) contains several stamps made from wood and metal. Their maker is unknown, but they are handmade and many contain the initials "D. C." in the lower corner. The majority of the stamps are ornate letters, but there are also some with images of the Augustana campus. One of the stamps includes an image of Jubilee Hall which was used for the celebration of the Jubilee of 1910. Besides the stamps themselves, there is also a stamp pad as well as paper and cardstock containing prints of the stamps.

The Maria Olsson series (1875-1916 and undated) has four sub-series. They are Personal, Correspondence, Design, and Texts. The Personal sub-series (1875-1890 and undated) holds several prayer books, classified ads and newspaper clippings. It also contains a signature book as well as a sewing list and several lace designs. The Correspondence sub-series (1890-1926) contains letters addressed to Maria from friends and family. The Design sub-series (1904 to 1905 and undated) contains the material patented by Maria. It was called the "Combination Collar Fastener." This item predated the zipper. It was used to fasten collars and sometimes belts or pants. This sub-series includes sample sheets and a packing list, ads, and ad pictures for the Collar Fastener. It also contains a box of the actual Collar Fasteners. nally in the Maria Olsson series is the Texts sub-series (1877-1916 and undated). This series has facsimiles of each of the title pages from the books, which have been separated and cataloged in Special Collections.

The Lydia Olsson series (1870-1937, 2011 and undated) contains five sub-series. They are: Personal, Correspondence, Journals, Album, and Texts. The Personal sub-series (1904-1913 and undated) contains several parlor game cards, which seem to be used for associating pictures with names and words. It also has a bedroom exercise list, a receipt, and concert programs, including one from the symphony orchestra. Next is the Correspondence sub-series (1890-1926). This sub-series has letters written by Lydia as well as letters addressed to Lydia from friends and family. The Journal sub-series (1892-1896) holds four of Lydia Olsson's journals. They contain daily passages. The passages include information about new purchases, concerts attended, and information about her siblings. There are also two sets of transcriptions of the journals by Chuck Maki (1999) and Rebecca Hopman (2011). The Album sub-series (1889 and 1896) contains several albums. The first album is a signature album, which was a present on her sixteenth birthday from friends. It also contains a post card album. The final sub-series is Texts (1870-1930 and undated). This series contains facsimiles of the title pages from books that Lydia owned. The books have been separated from the series and are now cataloged in Special Collections.

The Johannes Samuel Olsson series (1880-1930 and undated) has three sub-series, which are Personal, Correspondence, and Texts. The Personal sub-series (1898 and 1901) includes bookkeeping records and a receipt as well as a song book of psalms. Correspondence (1899-1941 and undated) includes letters from the friends and family of Hannes Olsson. The Texts (1860-1880) sub-series concludes the Johannes Olsson series. Facsimiles of the title pages from these books that belonged to Hannes are included in this sub-series.

The Family series (1860-1941 and undated) includes three sub-series: Personal, Correspondence, and Texts. This series contains items which cannot be placed under any of the children because they have no distinguishing marks. Personal (1866 to 1922) includes several prayers, a bible, and prayer books. It also contains Augustana Graduation Announcements from 1895 to 1902. It also has several blank post cards and Olof Olsson's death notice, and some other miscellaneous items, which includes newspaper clippings, a money owed list, a list of names, and a picture of Queen Victoria. Correspondence (1900-1941 and undated) first contains letters addressed to Anna, Lydia, and Maria only. The second folder includes letters addressed to all four children. The final folder in this sub-series includes letters and post cards addressed to people other than Olof or any of his children. They have names that are not related to the Olsson name. The final sub-series in Family Items is Texts (1860 and 1880). Facsimiles of the title pages of books belonging to the children of Olof Olsson are in this sub-series.



Box 1
            Miscellaneous Items, 1879 and undated

            Correspondence, 1868-1872
            Correspondence, Jan.-Apr. 1873
            Correspondence, May-June 1873
            Correspondence, July-Dec. 1873
            Correspondence, 1874
            Correspondence, 1875
            Correspondence, 1876
            Correspondence, 1877

Box 2
            Correspondence, 1878
            Correspondence, 1879
            Correspondence, 1881-1884
            Correspondence, 1886-1889
            Correspondence, undated
            Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1879
            Bethany Academy, 1883-1895 and undated

Box 3
            Sermons, 1862
            Sermons, 1864
            Sermons, 1864
            Sermon, 1865
            Sermons, 1866
            Sermons, 1866
            Sermons, 1867
            Sermons, 1878-1897

Box 4
            Sermons, undated (5 folders)

Box 5
            Sermon Books, 1897 and 1886
            Sermon Books, 1892-1894
            Sermon Books, 1893-1895
            Sermon Books, 1895-1897
            Sermon Books, 1897-1899
            Sermon Books, 1898-1899
            Sermon Books, 1899

Box 6
            Correspondence, 1889-1891
            Correspondence, 1892
            Correspondence, 1893
            Correspondence, 1894
            Correspondence, 1895
            Correspondence, 1896-1900
            Correspondence, undated
            Letter Fragments, undated

Box 7
            Conservatory of Music Programs, 1886-1889 and undated
            Reformation Festival Programs, 1879-1897 and undated
            Augustana College Miscellaneous Programs, 1886-1900 and undated
            Miscellaneous Programs, 1897-1908 and undated
            Report to Augustana Synod, 1899

Box 8
                  Till Rom Och Hem Igen Copy 1, undated

Box 9
                  Till Rom Och Hem Igen Copy 2, undated
                  Copyright Documents, 1880-1925
                  Miscellaneous Writings, 1879-1885 and undated
                  Newspaper Articles, 1878-1921 and undated

Box 10
            Church and Educational
                  Reformationen, undated
                  Christ and Christianity as the Basis of Our Higher Institutions of Learning, undated
                  The Labor Question and the Christian College, undated
                  Dispute Over "Churchy" Questions, undated
                  A Well-Balanced Education, undated
                  The Swedish Lutheran Church in America Needs an Institution of Education for Its Pastors, undated
                  Swedish People's Preparation for the Great Battle in Defense of Evangelism, undated
                  Aristocratic Tendencies in the Augustana Synod, 1886
                  Education and Christianity, undated

                  Christmas Greetings to Readers and Friends of Framåt, 1888-1889
                  Journal of Events, 1876; undated
                  Erland Carlsson's Funeral, 1893-1894
                  Christmas Day, undated
                  Alma Mater, undated
                  The Wealth of the Soul, undated
                  A Short Sketch of India, Its People, and Religion, undated
                  The 17th and 20th Centuries, undated
                  What Significance Does the Work of the Church Have in the General Development of Our Country?, undated
                  Greetings from the United States' Sweden-Norway, undated
                  A Few Words at the Concert in Chicago, undated
                  At the 20th Anniversary of Immanuel Congregation in Boston, undated
                  Christmas Visit and the 100th Anniversary Celebration in Lynnsborg [sic], undated
                  To the Swedish Public in the United States, undated
                  Fragment, undated
                  Legal Document, undated
                  Poetry, 1867-1878

Box 11
            Account Books
                  Book 1, 1867
                  Book 2, 1868
                  Book 3, 1867-1869
                  Book 4, 1867-1874
                  Book 5, 1871
                  Book 6, 1875
                  Book 7, 1875
Box 12
                  Book 8, 1881
                  Book 9, 1883
                  Book 10, 1889
                  Book 11, 1889
                  Book 12, undated
                  Book 13, undated
                  Book 14, undated
                  Book 15, undated
                  Expense Account Diary from Trip to Europe, 1889

Box 13
            Untitled, 1889
            Kristus Harlighetsa Hopp, 1886-1895
            Petri Bref, undated
            Anterningar vir Lasningen af...., undated
            Genesis, undated
            Engelska Skrifafningar, undated
            Greichijcksa Schreibiibungen, undated
            Deutche Aufsatse, undated
            Dr. Olof Olsson's Personal Notes, undated
            Nufilloafiotudorn, undated
            Katekisation, undated
            Gamta Testamentots, undated
            Textond och Kittonde Archandradet, undated
            Musik, undated
            En Blick Utanpa och Inuti Medeltidens Kyuka, undated
            Alldeles Ofverflodigt, undated
            Hebreisk Ordbok, undated
            Ima Anterkningar vid...., undated
            Yag Uticka om Nagot...., undated
            Ehuru Srar all Borjan ar...., undated
            Sa Konung Philip af...., undated
            Uppsats fra Hvad en Organis bar...., undated
            10, undated
            Reformationers och Socianisme, undated
            Genom deu Lutherska Reformationen, undated
            Nola Varldens och...., undated
            Fingervismingartill Katekisationen, undated
            Aufeckningan Symbolik fran Askillige Forfatta, undated

Box 14
      Lecture Notes
            Kateketiska Ofningar, 1879
            Schedule, 1879-1880
            Miscellaneous, 1880
            Untitled, 1880
            Katekisationer, 1880-1887
            Om Haydn, 1885
            Katekisationer, 1886
            Untitled, 1890
            Hemlightan, 1891
            Katakombernas, 1892
            Hours of Lectures, 1896
            Hours in the Seminary, 1896-1897
            Katekisation, 1896-1898
            Teutamina, 1898
            Untitled, undated (2 folders)
            Tyska Skrifafmib gar far Anna, undated
            Kalennder, 1890
            Nianli, undated

Box 15
            Diary 1, 1867
            Diary 2, 1879
            Diary 3, 1879
            Diary 4, 1883
            Diary 5, 1883-1884
            Diary 6, 1888
            Diary 7, 1890
            Diary 8, 1893-1895
            Diary 9, 1895
            Diary 10, 1898-1899
            Diary 11, undated

Box 16
      Tributes to Olof Olsson
            Newspaper Clippings, 1900
            Sympathy Cards, 1900
            Memorials, 1900
            Tributes, 1900
            Anna, Lydia, and Maria Olsson, undated
            W. E. Gedenberg, 1905
            Olof Olsson, 1863
            Olof, Anna, Lydia, Maria, and Hannes Olsson, 1891
            Maria and Lydia Olsson, undated
            Dr. Olof and Anna Lisa Olsson, undated
            Olof, Anna, Maria, Lydia, and Hannes Olsson, undated
            Olof, Anna, Lydia, Maria, and Hannes Olsson, undated
            Olof Olsson, 1861
            Olof Olsson, undated
            Funeral Photograph, undated
            Olof, Anna, Lydia, Maria, and Hannes Olsson, undated
            Miscellaneous Photographs, undated
            Olof and Anna Lisa Olsson and Miscellaneous Photographs, undated
            Miscellaneous Photographs, 1892 and 1895
            Miscellaneous Photographs, undated
            Cabinet Card Photographs, undated

Box 17
            Julbesoket, 1993
            Meditations of Samwell Wilkins, undated
            Title Pages and Citations, 1839-1890; undated

      Anna Lisa Olsson
            Handwriting and Artwork
                  Handwriting and Drawings, undated
                  Drawings, undated

Box 18
      Anna Olsson
                  Confirmation Record and Passport, 1882 and 1889
                  Death Notice and Sermon, undated
                  Wedding and Class Reunion Invitations, 1891-1901; undated
                  Hospital Receipts, 1897-1901
                  Letters from Anna, 1869-1875
                  Correspondence, 1890- February 1913
                  Correspondence, April 1913-March 1918
                  Correspondence, April 1918-1941; undated
            Diaries and Journals
                  Journal, 1880
                  Nature Journal, 1889
                  Diary & Translation, 1889-1891
                  Postcard Album, undated
Box 19
                  Volume 1, 1886
                  Volume 2, undated
                  Volume 3, undated
                  Volume 4, undated
Box 20
            Written Works
                  Published Work, undated
                  Manuscripts, 1879-1887; undated
                  Manuscript, 1926
                  Manuscripts, undated
                  Short Stories, undated
                  Draft of Play, 1916
                  Title Pages, 1800-1916

Box 21
            Print Making Items
                  Stamps and Samples, circa 1910

Box 22
      Maria Olsson
                  Prayer Books, 1875-1876
                  Classified Ads and Newspaper Clippings, undated
                  Signature Book, 1890
                  Sewing List and Lace Designs, undated
                  Correspondence, 1890-1905
                  Correspondence, 1906- February 11, 1907
                  Correspondence, February 12, 1907- March 23, 1907
                  Correspondence, March 24, 1907-1909

Box 23
                  Correspondence, 1911-1926
                  Collar Fastener Sample Sheets and Packing List, 1905; undated
                  Collar Fastener Ads, 1904-1905
                  Collar Fastener Ad Pictures, undated
                  Box of Collar Fasteners, undated
                  Title Pages, 1877-1916; undated

Box 24
      Lydia Olsson
                  Parlor Game Cards, 1904
                  Exercise List and Receipt, 1909; undated
                  Concert Programs, 1935 and 1937
                  Correspondence from Lydia Olsson, 1901
                  Correspondence, 1900-1905
                  Correspondence, 1906-June 24, 1907
                  Correspondence, June 26, 1907-1913; undated
                  Journal, 1892-January 16, 1893
                  Journal, January 17, 1893-May 1893
                  Journal, December 1893-May 1894
                  Journal, January 1895- March 1895
                  Journal, 1896

Box 24a
            Journal transcriptions
                  Chuck Maki, 1999
                  Rebecca Hopman, 2011

Box 25
                  Signature Album, 1889
                  Post Card Album, 1905
                  Title Pages, 1870-1930; undated

      Johannes Samuel Olsson
                  Bookkeeping Records and Receipt, 1898 and 1901                  
                  Song book, undated
                  Correspondence, 1899-1928
                  Correspondence, 1930-1941; undated
                  Title Pages, 1870

Box 26
      Family Items
                  Prayers and Bible, 1866-1875; undated
                  Prayers and Prayer Books, undated
                  Augustana Graduation Announcements, 1895-1902
                  Blank Post Cards, undated
                  Death Notice for Olof Olsson, 1900
                  Miscellaneous Items, 1907 and 1922; undated
                  Correspondence to Anna, Lydia, and Maria Olsson, 1903-1911
                  Correspondence to Anna, Lydia, Maria, and Johannes Olsson, 1900-1932; undated
                  Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1905-1941; undated
                  Title Pages. — 1860 and 1880



None known

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