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Some papers received from Ross Paulson 3/25/1988


Education in history has been a part of the Augustana curriculum since the college's founding. The material in this collection spans from the late 1950s into the early 1980s and reflects the many departmental changes which occurred during this time, including but not limited to, both course additions and a reworking of the grading system. The material gives some sense of the evolution of the department with a focus on individual professors and their correspondence with students and other faculty members.



The Department of History collection consists of letters between faculty, students, and other universities as well as departmental statistics. Important items include papers and promotional information from specific courses offered both on campus and abroad, and meeting minutes from such organizations as the Faculty Senate. The papers document the process of changing departmental policies on curriculum, the quarter system and grading systems. Also represented are statistics on individual history majors and their course enrollment.

The Departmental Information series (1957-1983 (scattered), and undated) contains information on particular students majoring in history during this time as well as changes occurring within the department.

The Faculty series (1964-1982 (scattered), and undated) contains correspondence between faculty members and requests from students to faculty for letters of recommendation. Biographical information about faculty and hopeful candidates are also included.

The Students series (1950-1978 and undated) contains lists of history majors and student workers. It also follows student events and organizations such as Greek history societies and student-run forums.

The Areas of Study series (1964-1982 (scattered), and undated) contains information about different history courses offered. Certain courses, including African American Studies and Historiography, track the course from its inception. There are also copies of course listings taken from other universities' course catalogues as compared to Augustana's.

The Committees and Meetings series (1963-1981 (scattered), and undated) contains minutes from faculty-run organizations such as the Faculty Senate and History Department meetings. Smaller committees are also represented. For those interested in the educational aspect of the history department, this series contains documents related to the Service Center for Teachers of History and its Augustana-sponsored program. Included are speeches given at the Service Center event by faculty and general information about the group.

The Miscellaneous series (1965 and undated) contains handwritten notes and otherwise uncategorized informal correspondence from faculty and students. It also contains short timelines and biographies on C.W. Foss and Clarence Sorensen.



Box 1

      Series I. Departmental Information

            History Department Statistics, 1957-1980
            Curriculum Revision, 1963-1968 and undated
            Funds and Fellowships, 1964-1977 scattered and undated
            Class Scheduling, 1966-1979
            Enrollment, 1966-1977
            Enrollment, 1978-1983
            Quarter System, 1968-1971
            Books and other purchases, 1970-1973 and undated
            History class lists, 1972-1977

      Series II. Faculty

            Oscar Fritiof Ander papers, 1964-65, 1975-79 and undated
            Mary Sun papers, 1968
            Yeh-Shiang (Glenn) Ma papers, 1968-1976 scattered and undated
            Iverne Dowie, personal correspondence, 1970-1974
            Iverne Dowie, personal correspondence, 1975-1979 and undated
            Iverne Dowie, letters of recommendation and petitions, 1969-1972

Box 2

            Iverne Dowie, letters of recommendation and petitions, 1973-1977 and undated
            Iverne Dowie, grade book, 1976-1977 (CLOSED until 2057)
            Edward Purcell papers, 1971
            James Bukowski papers, 1972-1981 scattered and undated
            Hsiung Ping-chen (Gwen Hsiung), letters of recommendation and curriculum, 1982
            Hsiung Ping-chen (Gwen Hsiung), sample work and syllabus, 1982
            Candidates for Vacancy, 1969-1972 and undated
            Visiting Faculty, 1972 and 1978
            Teacher and Course Evaluation, 1970 and 1977

      Series III. Students

            History Majors, 1954-1972
            History Majors, 1973-1977
            Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Alpha Theta, 1950, 1971-1973
            Student Workers, 1965-1969
            History Forum, 1965-1971
            Student Records and Acceptance Lists, 1971-1973 (CLOSED until 2053)
            Freshman Guidance Day, 1975-1978 and undated

Box 3

      Series IV. Areas of Study

            History Honors, 1967, 1971-72 and undated
            Historiography, 1968-1972
            Museum Training, 1968-1975 and undated
            African American Studies Program, 1969-1972, 1980-1982
            American Studies, 1969-1975
            Foreign Terms, 1969-1978
            Miscellaneous Academic Offerings, 1970-1971
            History Education, 1965, 1974
            Lilly Honors Seminar, 1976-1978 and undated
            Other Universities' Curriculum, undated

      Series V. Committees and Meetings

            Departmental Meeting Minutes, 1963-1973 scattered, 1980
            North Central Association Institutional self-study committee, 1965-1975 and undated
            Committee on Curriculum and Calendar, 1965-1981 and undated
            Service Center for Teachers of History: Conference for Secondary School Teachers, correspondence, 1965
            Service Center for Teachers of History: Conference for Secondary School Teachers, event, 1965
            Service Center for Teachers of History: general, 1966-1968

Box 4

            Faculty senate proposals and memorandums, 1972-1975 and undated
            Faculty senate minutes, 1972
            Faculty senate minutes, 1973
            Sub-Committee on Grading, 1974-75
            Graduate Council papers, 1975-1978 and undated
            Energy Savings Task Force, 1977-1981 scattered

      Series VI. Miscellaneous

            Notes, undated
            Biographies, 1965 and undated



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