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Augustana College and Theological Seminary (Rock Island, Ill.). Prohibition League.
Augustana College and Theological Seminary (Rock Island, Ill.) -- Societies, etc.

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Augustana College Special Collections
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Augustana's Prohibition League was one of fifteen colleges forming the Intercollegiate Prohibition Association. Formed in 1912, eight years before the 18th Amendment would go into effect, it was a proponent of the temperance movement, and supported national organizations such as the Anti-Saloon League (1893). Their long-term goals included strict regulation of alcohol traffic, eventual "dry" legislation, and raised awareness of the detrimental effects of alcohol (though their arguments generally focused on saloon licenses and their draining influence on city taxes.) The club's motto was "we stand for the training of college men and women for service in the settlement of the liquor problem." On April 3, 1914, Helen Wiggers, a student and league member of Augustana College, competed in an oratorical competition at the annual state convention of the Prohibition Association. She read her speech "Prohibition: the only Hope of a Happy Nation" and took first place. Both convention and competition were held on the Augustana Campus.



The Prohibition League collection contains 5 series: Membership, Finances, Propaganda, Oration, and Articles.

The Membership series (1910-1915 and undated) contains a constitution of the Illinois Intercollegiate Prohibition Association, nine membership cards for joining the movement, and two minutes books and introductory letter from the Augustana chapter.

The Finances series (1912-1915) contains a bound treasurer's report and collected receipts, pledges and bills addressed to the league.

The Propaganda series (1914-1915) contains articles and evidence of the effects of liquor on both community and personal lives. Included are pamphlets describing the prohibition movement in a university setting and local articles such as "Relation of Rock Island Saloons to the County" and "Temperance Work at Augustana."

The Oration series (1914) contains programs and articles regarding the 1914 state-wide Prohibition Association competition held at Augustana College. Includes a program in Swedish.

The Articles series (1913-1918) contains a handwritten draft of the Phrenokosmiana Society's weekly paper that focuses on the prohibition issue as well as articles from Temperance 1914 Spring edition.

Augustana College Prohibition League, 1910-1915, 5 linear inches, MSS 255 The Augustana College Prohibition League was part of the Intercollegiate Prohibition Association. The group formed in 1912 and worked to promote dry legislation throughout the “Tri Cities.” Their argument focused on the taxation and the large number “drunken” arrests that occurred in the area. This collection appeals to research on the Temperance movement with regard to liquor trafficking and taxation. Also, this collection relates to topics such as Augustana’s organizations and student life. The information is contained in a number of reports and some literature about the ill of drinking.




Box 1
      Series I. Membership, 1910-1915 and undated
            Constitution and Membership Forms, 1910 and undated
            Minutes, 1911-1915 [OVERSIZE]
            Executive Committee Minutes, 1911-1914
      Series II. Finances, 1912-1915
            Treasurer's Report, 1912-1914
            Financial Statements , 1914-1915
      Series III. Propaganda, 1914-1915
            General Articles and Reports, 1914 and undated
            "Survey of the Liquor Traffic," March 1914
            "William Wolverton - A Story of Rum's Wrong to Childhood" by J. Frank Hanly, 1915
      Series IV. Oration, 1914
            Programs for Prohibition League Speeches, 1914
      Series V. Articles, 1913-1918
            Newspaper Articles, 1913-1918
            (oversize in Miscellaneous Prints drawer)



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