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Augustana College (Rock Island, Ill.). Office of Campus Ministries.
Campus chaplains.
Swanson, Richard A.
Schroeder, Phil.
Bergendoff, Conrad John Immanuel, 1895-

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Emily Hughes Dominick, 2007


Augustana College Special Collections
Thomas Tredway Library
639 38th Street
Rock Island, Illinois 61201

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This collection is a compilation of files from various sources. It appears that some of the records contained in this collection were created by Richard A. Swanson but there is no documentation indicating that he donated these papers. Some of the materials were created and organized by Phil Schroeder or his secretary. The most recent items were removed from the Special Collection vertical file on the Office of Campus Ministries. Most of these items are emailed notices about activities sponsored by the Campus Ministries.



The Office of Campus Ministries is an administrative office that offers ecumenical programming and activities on the campus of Augustana College. Formed in 1983, the Office was named Campus Ministry and employed a campus pastor, Rev. Phil Schroeder and a chaplain to Catholic students, Rev. Albert J. Bischoff. The Campus Ministry was created to replace the Augustana Campus Church. The Augustana Campus Church was organized as an Illinois Synod of the Lutheran Church in America congregation with 102 charter members. The members of the Lutheran Church in America voted to disband the Campus Church in 1982, and the church closed in 1983.

The Campus Ministry was renamed Office of College Ministries in 1987, and was under the responsibility of the Office of President of Augustana. At this time, Richard A. Swanson was appointed as Dean of Ministries. In this position, Swanson directed the Office of College Ministries including Campus Ministry programs and personnel, all relations between Augustana College and the new Evangelical Lutheran Church in American (ELCA) and other churches.

According to a description of the group written in 1994, the Campus Ministry is "responsible, under the Office of President and with advice of the college's Campus Ministry Committee, for religious ministry to the college community in a manner consistent with the life and mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Campus ministry consists of worship, study, service, fellowship, and pastoral care." Activities of the Campus Ministry have included worship services, bible study, staffing a local food kitchen, and spiritual retreats.



This collection has been arranged into seven series: Worship Services (1983-1999); Newsletters (1983-1987, 1997-1999); Campus Ministry Committee (1983-1993); Host Family Program (1985-1990); LCA Chaplaincy Grants (1975-1988); Miscellany (1981-1999); and Activities sponsored by Campus Ministries (1983-2007).

The Worship services series has been divided into three sub-series: Programs and liturgies; Memorial Services; and Sermons. The bulk of the series falls under the programs and liturgies sub-series which includes programs and other materials that were distributed at worship services on campus. The memorial services sub-series includes programs and other materials related to memorial service performed on campus. Most notable about this sub-series is the memorial information about Conrad Bergendoff. The sermons sub-series contains two transcripts of sermons delivered at worship services. One was delivered by Karin Zitzewitz in 1984 and the other by Conrad Bergendoff in 1985.

Over the years, the Campus Ministry program kept the community updated about their activities through their newsletters. The Newsletters series contains several examples of their newsletters. It is not a comprehensive collection.

The Campus Ministries Committee series includes agendas, meeting minutes, correspondence, worksheets, reports of sub-committees, and other materials. The Campus Ministries Committee, composed of Augustana College faculty and staff, support and guide programs of the Office of Campus Ministries.

The Host Family Program was an ongoing program sponsored by the Office of Campus Ministries that was formed during a meeting in May of 1985. The purpose of the program is to host international students who attend Augustana College. The Host Family Program series consists of correspondence, lists of participating hosts and students, information sheets about host families and students, notes, and other materials. This program was transferred over to the Office of Student Services in 1989.

Another program that the Campus Ministries participated in for several consecutive years was a Lutheran Church in America (LCA) Chaplaincy Grant Program sponsored by the Department for Higher Education, Division for Mission in North America. The purpose of the grant program was to "develop programs of Christian training and witness within the campus community" (Chaplaincy Grant Program Guidelines, 1981-1982). At Augustana, the grants were used to bring in various speakers and programs to campus. Some titles of the programs at Augustana include "Jewish-Christian Dialogue," "Women, Wholeness, and the Church," and "Church-relatedness as Resource for Students and Faculty." The earliest grant paperwork contained in this collection is from 1975. This predates the Office of Campus Ministries, but as the program was continued until at least 1987-1988 and the paperwork was kept together, the series of LCA Chaplaincy Grants remains with this collection. Richard A. Swanson was the chaplain listed on the grant proposals until the 1984-1985 when Phil Schroeder took on that title. The LCA Chaplaincy Grants series contains the grant applications, grant guidelines, correspondence, project evaluations, and supporting materials.

The Miscellany series contains groups of items that don't fit easily into the other series. This series includes a wide variety of items including press releases, information about fund raisers, a Campus Ministry calendar from 1987, a student paper on the stained glass windows on campus, information about artist in residence Jeffrey Cohan, and an essay called "On Seminary Hill" by Conrad Bergendoff.

The Activities sponsored by Campus Ministries series is one of the larger series in the collection. It contains announcements and other publicity for speakers, events, and retreats. It includes information about one-time events as well as on-going programs such as Amnesty International and Windows on the World. The series is arranged chronologically. Some folders are labeled just with a school year such as "1985-1986" and contain any flyers from that year. If there is more material for a single event, folders are labeled with the specific events contained within the folder. The most recent materials are emailed notices about upcoming events. In some cases these are invitations to the annual Christmas celebration in Andover in other cases, these are reminders about a weekly prayer service. In some cases, this series overlaps with the worship services series.



In general, the items are arranged in chronological order. The final series in the collection is Activities sponsored by the Campus Ministries and is situated in this position of the collection because this is the main area that is still being actively collected and will likely continue to grow.



Box 1
      Worship services
            Programs and liturgies
                  1983 [4 folders]
                  1984 [9 folders]
                  1985 [9 folders]
                  1986 [9 folders]

Box 2
      Worship services
            Programs and liturgies (continued)
                  1987 [9 folders]
                  1988 [5 folders]

            Memorial Services
                  George Opheim, 1984
                  Richard Spring, 1985
                  Lincoln Smith, 1985
                  Paul A. Johnson, 1985
                  Roy J. Phelps, 1986
                  Ron Moore, 1987
                  Victor R. Pearson, 1989
                  Conrad Bergendoff, 1998


            "Catholic Student Bulletin," 1983-1985
            "Augustana Campus Ministry Newsletter," 1985-1986
            "The Cornerstone," 1986-1987
            "Divestment Watch," 1987
            "Collegium," circa 1997-1999

      Campus Ministry Committee

Box 3
      Campus Ministry Committee (continued)

      Host Family Program
            International Concerns retreat/workshop, October 30-31, 1987
            1988-1989 (2 folders)

      LCA Chaplaincy Grants

Box 4
      LCA Chaplaincy Grants (continued)
            1985-1986 (2 folders)

            "The Meeting Place" sculpture, undated
            Organ in Ascension Chapel, 1981
            "On Seminary Hill" by Conrad Bergendoff
            "Augustana Glass," 1983
            Installation of new campus pastors, 1983-1984
            Press releases, 1983-1987
            Application for Campus Ministry intern, 1984
            Photograph, circa 1984
            Artist in Residence, Jeffrey Cohan, 1984-1986
            Correspondence with and about Madeleine L'Engle, 1984-1987
            Ed Lauhon fund, 1985
            Lauhon-Mink fund, 1985
            Greek Groups Study Committee, 1985-1986
            Commencement and Convocation programs, 1985-1987
            Kathy Kane fund, 1986-1987
            Church Year Calendar, 1987

Box 5
      Miscellany (continued)
            Correspondence from Jim Wheeler, 1990-1995
            Bergendoff interview notes, 1994
            Marty Haugen and liturgical music, 1994
            Augustana Board of Trustees meeting, May 1999

      Activities sponsored by Campus Ministries
            Undated items
            Faculty retreat, January 1984
            Royal Lichtenstein Quarter Ring Sidewalk Circus, 1984
            125th Anniversary of Augustana College Celebration, 1985
                  Walter Wangerin, January 1985
            John Henry Weidner, 1985
            Fountain Square Fools, September 1985
            Otto Bremer, October 1985
            Martin Marty, December 1985
            "Christian Faith and the U.S. Economy," January 1986
            Godspell, January-February, 1986

Box 6
      Activities sponsored by Campus Ministries (continued)
            Faculty-Student retreat, September 1986
            Hunger Awareness, October 1986
            Richard Wernicke, October 1986
            Hans May, October 1986
            Raymond Hunthauser, October 1986
            Maurice Ngakane, January 1987
            Church-Watch, January 1987
            Staley Lecture series, Richard Caemmerer,1987
            Richard Caemmerer, February 1987
            Windows on the World, 1986-1987
            Faculty-Student retreat, September 1987
            Windows on the World, 1987-1988



Augustana College Campus Church records, MSS249

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