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Jones, L. E.


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Augustana College and Theological Seminary (Rock Island, Ill.)--Alumni and alumnae.
Augustana College (Rock Island, Ill.)--Alumni and alumnae.
Augustana College (Rock Island, Ill.). Alumni Association.
Wallin, J. E. Wallace (John Edward Wallace), b. 1876.
Udden, Anton David
Jones, L. E.
Wheeler, Harriet

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Augustana College Special Collections
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It is likely that some of this material was collected by L. E. Jones and then deposited to Special Collections some time after his departure. Newer materials dating from the 1940s through the 1980s were likely assembled by library staff, though there is no documentation of this. Meeting minutes and a scrapbook were donated by Nancy Johnson on March 29, 1994.



The Alumni Association of Augustana College was formed in 1877 by the first graduating class of Augustana. The main objectives of the group differed slightly with each iteration of the constitution but generally included continuing "the pleasant relations formed" while at Augustana and promoting the interests of the institution. Membership is open to any person who has been a student or member of the faculty at Augustana. While the early activities of the Association were separate from the administration of Augustana College and Theological Seminary, evidence of an administrator within the offices of the College appears in the 1928-1929 Catalog where Fridolf Oscar Hanson is listed as Financial and Alumni Secretary (pg. 5). This position within the administration grew to Director of Alumni and Public Relations as listed in the 1938-1939 Bulletin. Today, the Development and Alumni Office, with a staff of over 20, provides support to the Alumni Association.

Activities of the Association included publication of The Alumnus a monthly "educational magazine for young people" that made its debut in September of 1892. The magazine had many different titles through the years: The Alumnus (1892-1894), Augustana Journal (1894-1906), Young Lutheran's Companion (1911-1949, 1952-1962), and Augustana Lutheran (1950-1951). Apart from the various magazines, the Alumni Association also published its first alumni registry under the name Who's Who Among the Alumni in 1922. The Association used Who's Who in America as their model for this volume, and in fact entries of Augustana alumni that appeared in Who's Who in America were used verbatim in Who's Who Among the Alumni. The Alumni Association also plans annual special events for alumni including Homecoming, Alumni Weekend, and an Alumni Banquet as well as helping to organize reunions.

L. E. Jones, who was secretary of the association from 1918 until 1926 when he and his wife moved to Butte, Montana, appears to have collected much of the material that constitutes this collection while performing his duty as secretary. He saved clippings about Alumni Association events as well as articles chronicling lives of various alumni from Augustana. In addition, Jones was on staff at the Augustana Observer as Alumni editor. He wrote articles for the paper which are also included in the clippings files.



The Alumni Association of Augustana College collection dates from 1860-1999 in 3 linear feet. It has been arranged in the following three series:

The Organizational records (1860-1976) include general correspondence, the file of a voluntary secretary, proceedings of organizational meetings and subsequent annual meetings as well as the handwritten minutes of the executive committee minutes. Annual Financial reports which include materials relating to the status of the organization's fiscal activities. Membership lists of individual members of the organization and attendance lists for the Alumni Banquet.

The Promotional records (1892-1999) are of several types and are arranged by format. This series includes invitations and programs from Alumni Association events; newspaper clippings; and publications of the Association. Much of the material focuses on fundraising.

The Notable Alumni (1912-1923) series includes publications and information about two members of the alumni: J. E. W. Wallin and Anton D. Udden. These items were likely collected by L. E. Jones as they were published around the time of his tenure as Secretary.



See scope and content for details about arrangement




      Organizational records (1860-1976)

            Constitution and by-laws, 1891 and undated
            Minutes, 1886-1904 [in BOX 6]
            Minutes of Executive Committee, 1892-1895
            Minutes and general correspondence, 1910-1937 [in BOX 7]
            Minutes and general correspondence, 1935-1943 [in BOX 7]
            Minutes of Executive Committee, 1939, 1945-1946
            Minutes of Executive Committee,1952-1954
            Minutes of Executive Committee, 1955
            Minutes of Board of Directors, 1956
            Minutes of Board of Directors, 1957-1960
            Minutes of Board of Directors, 1960-1963
            Minutes of Board of Directors, 1963-1966
            Minutes of Board of Directors, 1966-1968
            Minutes of Board of Directors, 1968-1969
            Minutes of Board of Directors, 1969-1970
            Minutes of Board of Directors, 1970-1971
            Minutes of Board of Directors, 1971-1972
            Minutes of Board of Directors, 1972-1973
            Minutes of Board of Directors, 1973-1974
            Minutes of Board of Directors, 1974-1976
            Reports of Executive Committee, 1904, 1921-1924


            General Correspondence, 1888-1921
            General Correspondence, 1921-1924
            General Correspondence, 1924-1927
            General Correspondence, 1924-1945
            General Correspondence, 1965-1967
            General Correspondence, 1968-1969
            Treasury Book, 1881-1907 [in BOX 6]
            Treasurer's Report, 1907-1925
            Register of Dues and Fees, 1887-1901
            Register of Dues and Fees, 1937-1938 [in BOX 6]
            Bank Books, 1912-1934
            Bills and receipts, 1886-1938
            Alumni Scholarship Fund, 1910-1921


            Register of Seminary students, 1860-1877
            Register of alumni, 1860-1940, pg. 1-40
            Register of alumni, 1860-1940, pg. 41-80
            Register of alumni, 1860-1940, pg. 81-120
            Register of alumni, 1860-1940, pg. 121-167
            Register of alumni, 1920-1939, pg. 1-50
            Register of alumni, 1920-1939, pg. 51-96
            Handwritten register of alumni, 1920-1931
            Handwritten register of alumni, 1932-1939


            List of board since founding, n.d.
            List of Board of Directors, 1948-1966
            List of faculty since founding, n.d.
            List of class agents for the Augustana Alumni Association, 1919, 1955
            Lists of alumni, 1883-1953 and undated
            Alumni Banquet registration lists, 1893-1937, scattered

      Promotional records (1892-1999)

            Newspaper clippings, 1921-1927 and undated (2 folders)
            Invitations and programs to Alumni Association events, 1886-1996 (2 folders)
            Alumni Day Banquet programs, 1906-1987
            Alumni Weekend, 1963-1986
            Homecoming, 1959-1966
            Open House, 1954-1961
            Alumni tours, 1971-1974
            Mailings, 1941-1999
            Miscellaneous, 1892-1984


            Alumnus: A monthly magazine, 1892
            Who's Who Among the Alumni, 1922
            Directory of Quint-City Alumni of Augustana, 1954
            Alumni Fund Honor Roll, 1963
            Report of Annual Giving, 1964-1966

      Notable Alumni (1912-1923)

            J. E. Wallace Wallin, 1920-1923
            Anton D. Udden, 1912, 1923

BOX 6 (oversize)

      Organizational records (1860-1976)

            Minutes, 1886-1904
            Treasury Book, 1881-1907
            Register of Dues and Fees, 1937-1938

BOX 7 (oversize)

            Minutes and general correspondence, 1910-1937
            Minutes and general correspondence, 1935-1943



Augustana College Office of Alumni Relations, MSS37

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