Edward Fry Bartholomew papers

MSS 19
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Bartholomew, E.F. (Edward Fry), 1846-1946
Anderson, Netta C.


English, Swedish, German


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Bartholomew, E.F. (Edward Fry), 1846-1946.
Augustana College and Theological Seminary (Rock Island, Ill.)--Faculty.

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Augustana College Special Collections
Thomas Tredway Library
639 38th Street
Rock Island, Illinois 61201

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After Dr. Bartholomew's death, his papers were presented to Augustana College by his daughter, Netta (Mrs. K. T. Anderson). Some papers appear to have been donated later, or perhaps moved from Netta Bartholomew Anderson's papers. Earlier finding aids can be found with accession materials.



Known to the past students of Augustana as Augustana's "Grand Old Man," Edward Fry Bartholomew was born in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, 24 March 1846. His parents were of English and German heritage. The first school he attended was Freeburg Academy, Freeburg, Pennsylvania (1863). During his years at the Academy he taught district school in several places, thus earning money toward his education. At the age of nineteen (1865) he entered the Missionary Institute at Selinsgrove. This school later became Susquehanna University. In the fall of 1868, he transferred to Pennsylvania College (later known as Gettysburg College). Bartholomew received his B. A. degree from that college in 1871, graduating with high honors. He also earned his M. A. degree from Gettysburg College (1874).

Upon graduation, Bartholomew decided to go West and accepted a position as principal of an academy at Clark City, Missouri. After two years, he changed to another school at Kahoka, Missouri where he served as principal.

In 1874, Carthage College in Carthage, Illinois, offered him the chair of Natural and Physical Sciences. He stayed at Carthage College until 1888 serving as a professor, and then president of the college with a brief break between 1883 and 1884. During this departure from Carthage, Bartholomew traveled to Hawaii. In the fall of 1883, he took a position as Professor of English at Mount Morris College, in Mount Morris, Illinois, that he held until 1884, when he was asked to be president of Carthage College. In the spring of 1888, he resigned from Carthage and accepted the chair in the English Literature and Philosophy departments of Augustana College and Theological Seminary.

The position at Augustana College and Theological Seminary was to be his last and longest, extending over a period of forty-four years. In 1894 and 1895, Bartholomew took a leave of absence and traveled to Germany to engage in study at the University of Berlin. Upon his return to teaching in 1895, Augustana conferred upon him the Ph.D. degree. Bartholomew taught steadily until 1932 when he resigned his teaching position at Augustana. Though retired, he was recalled in the spring of 1935 to teach two hours a week. He was 89 years old.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities at Augustana, Bartholomew would also often offer chapel sermons or devotions on campus and was active in the community. He was widely known in the Quad Cities area as an eloquent speaker and lecturer. He authored several books, including, most notably, The Relation of Psychology to Music (1899), The Psychology of Prayer (1922), and Biblical Pedagogy (1927). He also served as pastor of five different congregations at various points in his life.

Throughout his career, Bartholomew kept in close contact with Carthage College where he would return to give lectures or attend events. Showing their high esteem of Bartholomew, Carthage College awarded him the following honorary degrees: a Doctor of Divinity degree (D. D.) in 1888, a Doctor of Humane Letters degree (LH. D.) in 1912, and a Doctor of Law degree (LL. D.) in 1930.

He celebrated his one hundredth birthday on March 24, 1946, and received callers though he was recovering from a stroke. He passed away a few months later, on June 10, 1946.



Dr. E. F. Bartholomew's papers are very broad in scope but consist mainly in teaching materials and various writings. The collection has been organized into sixteen series: Personal papers, Education, Mt. Morris College, Carthage College, Augustana College, Published works, Manuscripts, Addresses and sermons, Lectures and lecture notes, Kate L. Bartholomew, Scrapbooks, Books, Photographs, Postcards, and Artifacts.

The Personal papers series (1868-1946) is organized into seven subseries: Biographical information, Miscellaneous, Newspaper clippings, Diaries, Correspondence, Financial Records, and Travel. Biographical information includes a biographical sketch, genealogical information, and information about Bartholomew's funeral. The Miscellaneous subseries contains memorabilia and items not easily classed into other series and includes programs, pamphlets, and other items. The Newspaper clippings subseries includes copies of articles saved by Bartholomew on various topics. The bulk of this subseries consists of clippings that mention an event featuring E. F. Bartholomew. Articles written by Bartholomew can be found in the Published works series. The Diaries subseries contains diaries dating from 1868 to 1946 as well as daily planners and other personal notebooks. Correspondence consists of letters and notes received and written by Bartholomew. This subseries contains letters of both private and business matter. The subseries has been organized into general letters to Bartholomew arranged alphabetically by sender, family correspondence, and cards and notes regarding birthdays. This subseries contains two letter-copy books that were used for business purposes. These provide interesting insight into the work Bartholomew did at Carthage College and Augustana College. At the end of this subseries are telegrams, notes and letters Bartholomew received for his 100th birthday. Among the notable letters he received, was one from Harry Truman, president at the time of this landmark occasion. The Financial records subseries contains receipts, account books, and investment information. The Travel subseries contains travel guides from Europe and the United States. Among these papers are documents pertaining to travel expenses, souvenir prints, and correspondences to Bartholomew and his daughter, Netta, while abroad. Also included in this subseries is the Bartholomew trip to the Columbian Exposition, World Fair of 1893 in Chicago, Illinois.

The Education series (1834-1895) includes essays and notes written by Bartholomew while he attended Freeburg Academy, Missionary Institute, and Pennsylvania College. Also included are commencement programs, newsletters, and other ephemera from various institutions. Though it occurred many years later, the end of the Education series includes a sub-subseries called Year abroad. This includes notebooks from Bartholomew's time in Berlin, Germany, where he studied at the university from 1894 to 1895.

The Mt. Morris College series is very small, consisting of one grade book. It is the only physical evidence of his one-year stint teaching at this small college.

The Carthage College series includes commencement programs, a memorandum book, issues of the Carthage College Bulletin and issues of the Carthage College Alumnus. Dr. Bartholomew's association with Trinity Lutheran Church in Carthage, Illinois is represented in this series. See also the Addresses and sermons series for several volumes of sermons Bartholomew delivered at Trinity Lutheran Church.

The Augustana College series includes a listing on the items placed in the cornerstone of Denkmann Library, chapel talks and speeches made at college events, a scrapbook, and two letterpress books.

The Published works series contains primarily books, articles, and transcriptions of addresses that were published. Also in this series are the materials surrounding the publication of the Relation of psychology to music which consists of correspondence, royalty statements, as well as reviews and publicity of this work.

The Manuscripts series includes works that were not published or drafts of works that would later be published. There is a variety of works in this series which range from short works to book-length works.

The Addresses and sermons series includes a wide range of public addresses and sermons as well as outlines and notes. Among these papers are sermons given at Carthage College and Augustana College as well as addresses given at memorial services.

The papers in the Lectures and lecture notes have been arranged by subject matter and are organized into nine subseries: Literature, English, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Music, Theology, Other topics, and Examination questions. Where possible, arrangement of the papers follows the order that E. F. Bartholomew provided by his method of numbering volumes of notes.

The Kate L. Bartholomew series includes items saved and/or created by E. F. Bartholomew's wife, Kate. The series has been arranged into the following eight subseries: Correspondence; Cards and programs; Diaries; Writings; Magazines; Books and pamphlets; Photographs; and Miscellaneous. Most interesting in this series are Kate Bartholomew's writings. One essay is an account of David Day and the Muhlenburg Mission in Monrovia. Bartholomew describes the circumstances of living in Africa, the difficult task it is to find and retain good missionaries, the missionary's attitude toward the African people, and the place of women in African society as compared to their American counterparts. This essay appears to have been delivered in the form of an address at a Missionary Society meeting.

The Scrapbooks series includes two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings. The first is a collection of articles about Augustana College. The second is a more personal collection of articles about topics presumably interesting to Bartholomew including articles about musicians and musical events; obituaries about notable people; articles about local events; and other miscellany.

The Books series contains books that belonged to Bartholomew. He was known for having a large library, but only a handful of books were included in his collection.

The Photographs series includes photographs of Bartholomew at various ages through his life. Also in this series are portraits and snapshots family members and some landmarks.

The Postcards series consists of over one hundred postcards. The majority of postcards were removed from a postcard album that was greatly deteriorated.

The Artifacts series contains two pairs of Bartholomew's eye-glasses, a bookplate stamp, and miscellaneous buttons and pins.



Where possible, the papers have been kept in what appears to be their original order. Specific arrangement is described in more detail in the scope and content section of this document.  



Box 1
      Personal Papers
            Biographical information
                  Sketch about E. F. Bartholomew's professional life [oversize: in box 49]
                  Genealogical information
                  100th Birthday souvenirs [oversize: in box 49]
                  Death of E. F. Bartholomew, Funeral guest book
                  Death of E. F. Bartholomew, "In memoriam" from Board of Directors minutes
                  Death of E. F. Bartholomew, address at funeral by Dr. Conrad Bergendoff [oversize: in box 49]
                  Programs, 1869-1942 and undated
                  Pamphlets, 1881-1944 and undated
                  Translations of articles from Augustana, undated
                  Other memorabilia

Box 2
      Personal papers (continued)
            Newspaper clippings
                  62nd-99th birthday articles, 1908-1945
                  100th birthday, 1946
                  Articles about E. F. Bartholomew's death
                  Articles mentioning E. F. Bartholomew, 1892-1968
                  Articles mentioning E. F. Bartholomew, undated
                  Biographical sketch of Conrad Kuhl, 1934
                  Articles by Dr. A. J. Carlson, 1941-1944
                  Articles about education, 1914-1927 and undated
                  Miscellaneous articles, 1890-1941
                  Augustana College, 1890-1943 and undated
                  Carthage College, 1926-1945 and undated
                  Gettysburg College, 1929-1938 and undated

                  "Original Thoughts," Notebook, 1866
                  Journal, 1863-1867 [oversize: in box 49]
                  Composition notebook, 1867 [oversize: in box 49]

Box 3
      Personal papers (continued)
                  Diaries, 1868-1882

Box 4
      Personal papers (continued)
                  Diaries, 1883-1897

Box 5
      Personal papers (continued)
                  Diaries, 1898-1911

Box 6
      Personal papers (continued)
                  Diaries, 1912-1925

Box 7
      Personal papers (continued)
                  Diaries, 1926-1939

Box 8
      Personal papers (continued)
                  Diaries, 1940-1946

Box 9
      Personal papers (continued)
                  Columbian Exposition, 1893
                  Miscellaneous diaries and notebooks (1 of 4), 1896 and undated
                  Miscellaneous diaries and notebooks (2 of 4), 1876, 1890 and undated
                  Miscellaneous diaries and notebooks (3 of 4), undated
                  Miscellaneous diaries and notebooks (4 of 4), undated
                  Daily planners, 1905, 1906, 1913
                  Reference books for literature and statistics, undated

Box 10
      Personal papers (continued)
                  A-G [8 folders]

Box 11
      Personal papers (continued)
                  H-N [10 folders]

Box 12
      Personal papers (continued)

Box 13
      Personal papers (continued)
                  W-Z [2 folders]
                  Miscellaneous correspondence
                  Letters of introduction
                  Letters written by E. F. Bartholomew
                  Letter-copy book of E. F. Bartholomew correspondence, 1886-1888
                  Letter-copy book of E. F. Bartholomew correspondence, 1890-1892
                  Letter-copy book of E. F. Bartholomew correspondence, 1892-1898
                  Miscellaneous, list of correspondence from "persons of note"
                  Family correspondence, C. Bartholomew (brother)
                  Family correspondence, Cotta Bartholomew (daughter)

Box 14
      Personal papers (continued)
                  Family correspondence, Elizabeth Bartholomew (niece)
                  Family correspondence, Ella Bartholomew (niece)
                  Family correspondence, Frank Bartholomew (son)
                  Family correspondence, George Bartholomew (son)
                  Family correspondence, Harvey H. Bartholomew (brother)
                  Family correspondence, Joel Bartholomew (brother)
                  Family correspondence, Kate L. (Fasold) Bartholomew (wife)
                  Family correspondence, Netta Bartholomew (daughter)
                  Family correspondence, Paul Bartholomew (son)
                  Family correspondence, Rachel E. Bartholomew (sister-in-law)
                  Family correspondence, Valentine Bartholomew (brother)
                  Family correspondence, Lura B. Gusweiler (niece)
                  Family correspondence, miscellaneous, grandchildren of E. F. Bartholomew
                  Family correspondence, miscellaneous, nieces and nephews of E. F. Bartholomew
                  Family correspondence, Fasold family

Box 15
      Personal papers (continued)
                  Family correspondence, Rev. P. B. Fasold
                  Family correspondence, P. M. Fasold, regarding estate in Hawaii
                  63rd Birthday, 1908
                  80th-98th Birthdays, 1926-1944
                  100th Birthday, telegrams, 1946
                  100th Birthday (1 of 4), 1946
                  100th Birthday (2 of 4), 1946
                  100th Birthday (3 of 4), 1946

Box 16
      Personal papers (continued)
                  100th Birthday (4 of 4), 1946
                  100th Birthday, thank you cards, 1946

            Financial records
                  Receipts, 1870-1892
                  Expense account books, 1870-1886
                  Bond for deed purchase of land from E. F. Bartholomew, 1874 [oversize: in box 49]
                  Mortgage agreement, 1877
                  Ledger of personal accounts, 1896 [oversize: in box 49]
                  Savings account book, 1917-1922
                  Investors record, 1922-1935

      Personal papers
                        Transportation, 1894-1895
                        Passports, 1894 [oversize: in box 58]
                        Programs and ticket stubs, 1894-1895
                        Receipts and expense lists, 1894-1895
                        Correspondence to E. F. and Netta Bartholomew in Europe, 1894-1895
                        Albums, Berlin and Hamburg, Germany, 1894
                        Albums, Halle and Wittenberg, Germany, 1895
                        Albums, Leipzig and Wein, Germany, 1895

Box 17
      Personal papers (continued)
                        Albums, Venice and Florence, Italy, 1895
                        Albums, London, England and Rome, Italy, 1895
                        Albums, Mainz, Germany and Edinburgh, Scotland, 1895
                        Maps, Edinburgh, Scotland; Paris, France; and Vienna, Germany, 1895
                        Maps, London and Northwestern Railway, and Berlin, circa 1894-1895 [oversize: in box 50]
                        Phrase book, Travel Talk in Italy, by M. Field, 1890
                        Newspaper clippings and playbills from Europe (preservation copies), 1895
                        Newspaper clippings and playbills from Europe (originals) [oversize: in box 58]
                  United States of America
                        Guidebooks, New York City and Philadelphia's Centennial Exhibition, 1851, 1876
                        Guidebooks, Hawaii and Los Angeles, 1904-1907
                        Albums, Lake Minnetonka, undated
                        Menus, Fredonia Hotel, Washington D. C., 1902 and undated
                        World's Columbian Exposition (Chicago World's Fair), 1893
                        Expense account books, 1934 and undated
                        Brochures and prints, 1932 and undated

Box 18
            Freeburg academy, notebook, 1863
            Essays written at Freeburg Academy, 1865 [oversize: in box 50]
            Essays written at Missionary Institute, 1865-1868 [oversize: in box 50]
            Programs from Missionary Institute/Susquehanna University, 1867-1869 and undated
            Susquehanna University Bulletin, 1919, 1929
            Essays written at Pennsylvania College, 1867-1874
            Essays written at Pennsylvania College, 1868-1871 [oversize: in box 50]
            Pennsylvania College programs, 1834-1868 and undated
            Pennsylvania College, Miscellaneous [oversize: in box 50]
            Clark County Teachers' Institute programs, 1871-1874

            Year abroad
                  Berlin notes no. 1- 7, 1894-1895 [7 folders]
                  Psychology, University of Berlin, 1894-1895

Box 19
      Education (continued)
            Year abroad
                  Notes, Berlin and surrounding areas, 1894-1895
                  Notes on Rome, 1894-1895

      Mt. Morris College
            Recitation record

      Carthage College
            Writings about Carthage College by E. F. Bartholomew, 1909-1934 and undated
            Chemical Experiments notebook, 1877
            Trinity Lutheran Church, Carthage, Illinois, 1874, 1880, and undated
            Carthage College Bulletin, 1924, 1930
            Commencement programs, 1875-1888
            Teachers' memorandum book, 1879
            The Carthage College Alumnus, 1931-1935 [oversize: in box 50]

XOPF-019/1 [located in Mapcase 1, drawer 2]
      Carthage College
            Diploma, 1912

Box 19
      Augustana College
            Programs, 1888, 1902, 1918, 1929
            Graduate students, 1891-1918 and undated
            University Extension program in Rock Island, Illinois, 1893-1899
            Resolutions by the general faculty, 1900-1918
            Semi-Centennial Anniversary Committee, correspondence and papers, 1909-1910
            Denkmann Memorial Library, 1910-1922
            Ceremonies and dedications arranged by E. F. Bartholomew, 1915-1919 and undated
            Miscellaneous, 1910-1928 and undated

Box 20
      Published works
                  Relation of Psychology to Music, 1899
                        Reviews and publicity, circa 1899-1911
                        Correspondence, 1899-1929
                        Articles of Agreement and Royalty statements, 1899-1909
                  The Psychology of Prayer, 1922
                  Books separated from the collection, 1896-1927 and undated

            Articles and transcripts of addresses
                  Articles from the Augustana Observer, 1909-1919 and undated
                  Articles from the Carthage College Alumnus and the Carthage Republican, 1935-1945 and undated
                  Articles from Lutheran Companion, 1917-1945
                  Articles from other sources, 1878-1946
                  Articles from other sources, undated
                  Addresses, 1903-1924

            Sociological principles of the Lord's Prayer [oversize: in box 50]
            Various topics, undated
            Various topics, undated [oversize: in box 50]
            Shorter writings on religious art

Box 21
      Manuscripts (continued)
            Notes on Relation of psychology to music
            An interpretation of Macbeth
            "Gentile factors in God's revelation" and other works

Box 22
      Addresses and Sermons
            Addresses, 1883-1934 and undated [4 folders]
            "Addresses, lecture outlines, etc." notebook no. 5, 1894-1898
            "Occasional addresses," notebook no. 6, 1898-1900

Box 23
      Addresses and Sermons (continued)
            "Addresses," notebook no. 8, 1902-1903
            Occasional addresses, 1892-1941 [5 folders]
            Addresses at college events, 1897-1929
            Addresses for Augustana literary and debate societies, 1892-1929
            Chapel talks, 1892-1938 and undated

Box 24
      Addresses and Sermons (continued)
            Sermons, Notes and outlines [4 folders]
            Sermons, 1894-1929 [3 folders]

Box 25
      Addresses and Sermons (continued)
            Sermons, 1929
            Baccalaureate Sermons, 1885-1896
            Funerals, 1880-1892
            Funerals, 1894-1941
            Outline of orations delivered at Dr. Hasselquist's funeral, 1891 [oversize: in box 51]
            Easter and Good Friday services, 1897-1939
            Weddings, baptisms, dedications, and installations, 1881-1913
            Tributes, 1905-1932
            Anniversaries, 1907-1940
            Memorial services, 1883-1925 and undated
            Memorial for F. M. Easterday, 1913

Box 26
      Addresses and Sermons (continued)
            Short prayers and lessons, undated
            Sermons, Trinity Lutheran Church, Carthage, Ill., 1878- Mar. 1885 [6 folders]

Box 27
      Addresses and Sermons (continued)
            Sermons, Trinity Lutheran Church, Carthage, Ill., Mar. 1885- Dec. 1886 [6 folders]

Box 28
      Addresses and Sermons (continued)
            Sermons, Trinity Lutheran Church, Carthage, Ill., Jan. 1887- Nov. 1887 [2 folders]
            Sermons, Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill., Feb. 1889- Mar. 1893
            Other sermons, undated [3 folders]
            Sermon, miscellaneous [oversize: in box 51]

Box 29
      Lectures and lecture notes
                  Shakespeare, Hamlet
                  Shakespeare, King Richard III
                  Shakespeare, The Tempest, 1897
                  Shakespeare studies, The Merchant of Venice and Macbeth, 1890-1891
                  Shakespeare, Questions about Macbeth, Hamlet, Richard III, and Midsummer Night's Dream
                  Milton, Paradise Lost
                  Milton, General
                  Milton, 1933
                  Ibsen, Hedda Gabbler and Lady from the Sea
                  Ibsen, A Doll's House, 1925
                  "Studies in Literature no. 1"
                  "Studies in Literature no. 2," Burns and Byron

Box 30
      Lectures and lecture notes (continued)
                  "Studies in Literature no. 3," Byron
                  "Studies in Literature no. 4," Tennyson, 1919
                  "Studies in Literature no. 5," Tennyson
                  "Studies in Literature no. 6," Literature of Romanticism
                  "Studies in Literature no. 7," Literature of Romanticism continued
                  "Studies in Tennyson," 1928
                  "Alfred Tennyson and his poetry"

Box 31
      Lectures and lecture notes (continued)
                  "Lectures on Tennyson and Browning"
                  "The inner life of nature in Robert Browning," 1912
                  "Poetry of Robert Browning," 1927
                  "Lectures on Browning"
                  "Robert Browning: A study of Pauline"
                  "Browning, the interpreter of 20th century life" and "Browning's mystical philosophy"
                  John Drinkwater's "Abraham Lincoln," 1899
                  Ben Johnson
                  Questions on Longfellow's "Evangeline"

Box 32
      Lectures and lecture notes (continued)
                  "Scott's Ivanhoe; Burke on Conciliation with the American colonies; and Sir Roger de Coverley papers from the Spectator"
                  "Scott's Ivanhoe"
                  "Macaulay's Earl of Chatham, Lord Clive, and Warren Hastings; Emerson's Fortune of the republic; Lamb's Essays of Elia; and Ruskin's Sesame and lilies"
                  American Literature: Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe, William Cullen Bryant
                  Browning, Tennyson, Eliot, Carlyle, Ruskin, Wordsworth, Byron, Arnold, Kingsley, Thackeray
                  Shelley, Keats, Dickens, Burns, Coleridge, Whittier, Hawthorne
                  Miscellaneous authors, 1893
                  "Notes on authors," 1908
                  "Courses 13 and 14 sophomore year," 1911

Box 33
      Lectures and lecture notes (continued)
                  Lecture notes series vol. 5
                  "The dynamics of literary production; The unity of life and art; Personality in literary creation; The interpreting function of literature; Literature and life," 1891
                  "Literary criticism"
                  Fiction and Romanticism
                  Pilgrim's Progress questions, 1892
                  Epic Art
                  Shakespeare crossword puzzle, undated [oversize: in box 51]

Box 34
      Lectures and lecture notes (continued)
                  Trench on the "Study of Words," Lectures
                  Questions on Trench's "Study of Words"
                  English language
                  American-English language
                  Notes on psychology

Box 35
      Lectures and lecture notes (continued)
                  Lectures on psychology vol. I
                  Lectures on psychology vol. II
                  "The psychological foundations of practical life," 1899
                  Psychological seminar
                  Biblical psychology

Box 36
      Lectures and lectures notes (continued)
                  Notes, Biblical psychology
                  "Psychology of the Lutheran ritual," notes
                  Biblical psychology, 1899-1900
                  Lectures on psychology and the relation of psychology to music, 1897-1899
                  Notes on the Social message of the prophets and Religion in public education
                  Lectures on sociology
                  Seminar studies in sociology
                  Lectures on educational sociology
                  Philosophical lectures to graduate students at Augustana College, 1893

Box 37
      Lectures and lectures notes (continued)
                  The history of philosophy, vol. VI, 1896-1897
                  Outlines of the history of philosophy
                  Practical philosophies of the four schools: Epicurianism, Stoicism, Platonism, Aristotelianism
                  Notes on the development of educational ideals in philosophy and literature
                  Studies in logic
                  Loose notes on philosophy
                  Outlines of Fillmore's [Lessons in] Musical History
                  Notes about music performed at various recitals, 1902-1905 and undated

Box 38
      Lectures and lectures notes (continued)
                  Musical composers and their works, 1903
                  Notes and sketches
                  Various topics
                  Music in the Bible
                  Lectures to the theological students Vol. I, 1896-1897
                  Lectures on homiletics, 1898-1899 and Exegetical lectures on Genesis, Vol. II
                  Notes, Vol. III
                  The doctrine of God

Box 39
      Lectures and lecture notes (continued)
                  Studies in the Psalms no. 1, 1929
                  Studies in the Psalms no. 2
                  "Messages of the Prophets" and "The life and Epistles of Paul," 1931-1932
            Other topics
                  Notes on aesthetics
                  Notes on science related topics

Box 40
      Lectures and lecture notes
            Other topics
                  Dramatic art
                  Notes on sculpture
                  Lecture on Schoenberg-Cotta Family; Lincoln bibliography
                  Notes about World War I [3 folders]
                  Notes from Carthage College, 1874
                  Notes from Carthage College and Augustana College, 1874-1889
                  Lecture on ethics

Box 41
      Lectures and lecture notes (continued)
            Other topics
                  Post-graduate lectures, 1893
                  Notes, vol. V
                  Notes, vol. VII
                  Notes, vol. VIII
                  Notes, vol. IX
                  Notes on various subjects no. XI

Box 42
      Lectures and lecture notes (continued)
            Other topics
                  Notes on various subjects vol. XII
                  Notes on various subjects vol. XIII
                  Notes on various subjects vol. XIV
                  Notes on various subjects vol. XVI

Box 43
      Lectures and lecture notes (continued)
            Other topics
                  [Notes on various subjects], vol. XVII- vol. XX [4 folders]
                  Lecture outlines, no. 9, 1904-1908
                  Addresses and lectures, no. 11, 1908-1911
                  Lectures, no. 12, 1911-1924
                  Small notebooks, various subjects (1 of 2)

Box 44
      Lectures and lecture notes (continued)
            Other topics
                  Small notebooks, various subjects (2 of 2)
                  Notes and fragments [2 folders]
                  Bibliographia, 1872
            Examination questions
                  Philosophy, 1891-1906 and undated
                  Post-graduate work, 1892-1893 and undated
                  Literature, 1892-1905 and undated
                  Psychology, dramatic art, and musical history, 1896-1899 and undated

      Kate L. Bartholomew
                  1864-1905 and undated [7 folders]
                  1886, 1888, 1911 [oversize: in box 51]
Box 45
      Kate L. Bartholomew (continued)
            Cards and Programs
                  Christmas cards, undated
                  Good Friday, Easter, Lent, and Christmas programs, 1880-1928 and undated
                  Personal diaries, 1871-1872
                  Essay about missionary David Day and the Muhlenburg Mission, circa 1885 [3 folders]
                  Notes about missionary David Day and the Muhlenburg Mission [oversize: in box 51]
                  Short poems and essays
                  Essays and notes on missionary work, circa 1910
                  Roosevelt essay [oversize: in box 51]
                  Good Housekeeping, July 1901; Sagebrush Philosophy Nov. 1909
            Books and Pamphlets
                  Miscellaneous pamphlets, 1882-1886 and undated
                  Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary Society pamphlet, 1887
                  Only and little and other stories, 1888
                  Album belonging to Frank Bartholomew, 1890
                  The Acme cook book, 1902
                  A Midsummer night's dream, 1914
                  Augustana Gymnasium Bulletin, circa 1920
                  Weiser Park dedication program, 1928
                  Unidentified snapshots, undated
                  Augustana Endowment Society membership receipts

Box 46
            Augustana College scrapbook, 1890-1893 and undated
            Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, 1901-1905 and undated

            Scenes of olden times, 1867
            Ministerial acts, 1900
            A liturgy for the use of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1856
            Friendship by Henry David Thoreau, undated
            The story of Plymouth Rock, 1901
            Hero and Leander, 1926
            50 games , puzzles, kinks, and wrinkles, 1892
            When the frost is on the pumpkin and the fodder's in the shock, 1944
            Part of Scripture history for the young, undated
            Bartholomew family Bible, undated [oversize: in box 52]
            Items removed from the Bartholomew family Bible [oversize: in box 52]
            International encyclopedia of prose and poetical questions, 1908 [oversize: in box 52]
            Elementary homiletics, 1897 [oversize: in box 52]
            Hymn book in german, circa 1825 [oversize: in box 52]
            The patriot's hymn book, 1862 [oversize: in box 52]

Box 47
            E. F. Bartholomew [2 folders]
            Philip M. Fasold
            Polly Weiser and family
            Landscape photos of the Allegheny Mountains
            Conrad Weiser monument
            Fort Armstrong
            Bartholomew homestead

Box 48
            Postcards removed from postcard album, circa 1913
            Augustana postcards, 1912 and undated
            Travel postcards, Washington D.C. and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Box 49 [oversize]
      Personal Papers
            Biographical information
                  Sketch about E. F. Bartholomew's professional life
                  100th Birthday souvenirs
                  Death of E. F. Bartholomew, address given at funeral by Dr. Conrad Bergendoff
                  Journal, 1863-1867
                  Composition notebook, 1867
            Financial records
                  Bond for deed purchase of land from E. F. Bartholomew, 1874
                  Ledger of personal accounts, 1896

Box 50 [oversize]
            Essays written at Freeburg Academy, 1865
            Essays written at Missionary Institute, 1865-1868
            Essays written at Pennsylvania College, 1868-1871
            Pennsylvania College, Miscellaneous

      Carthage College
            The Carthage College Alumnus, 1931-1935 [oversize: in box 50]

      Personal papers
                        Maps, London and Northwestern Railway, and Berlin, circa 1894-1895

            Sociological principles of the Lord's Prayer
            Various topics, undated

Box 51 [oversize]
      Addresses and Sermons
            Outline of orations delivered at Dr. Hasselquist's funeral, 1891
            Sermon, miscellaneous

      Lectures and lecture notes
                  Shakespeare crossword puzzle, undated

      Kate L. Bartholomew
                  1886, 1888, 1911
                  Notes about missionary David Day and the Muhlenburg Mission
                  Roosevelt essay

Box 52 [oversize]
            Bartholomew family Bible, undated
            Items removed from the Bartholomew family Bible
            International encyclopedia of prose and poetical questions, 1908
            Elementary homiletics, 1897
            Hymn book in german, circa 1825
            The patriot's hymn book, 1862

Box 53
            Shell lamp
            Postage scale
            Unidentified metal object

Box 54
      Artifacts (continued)
            2 pairs eyeglasses
            2 eyeglasses cases
            1 eyeglass chain

Box 55
      Artifacts (continued)
            Buttons, pins, ribbons, and other small artifacts

Box 56
      Artifacts (continued)
            Small wooden cross
            Book plate stamp and several book plate samples
            Shell crest-shaped fob with metal deer emblem and leather strap
            Square mirror with fabric frame
            Scroll with diagram of modern philosophy figures and ideas
            Small piece of rosin

Box 57
      Artifacts (continued)
            Leather wallet
            Leather case, flap inscribed: "E. F. Bartholomew, Berlin, Germany, Oct. 15, 1894"

OPF-019/1 [formerly oversize box 58]
      Personal papers
                        Passports, 1894
                        Newspaper clippings and playbills from Europe (originals)     


Netta Bartholomew Anderson papers, MSS 19a.


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