Theodor LeVander papers
1936-1950, bulk 1948

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LeVander, Theodor, 1903-1996


English, Dutch


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LeVander, Theodor, 1903-1996.
World Council of Churches.
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Augustana College (Rock Island, Ill.)--Students.
Augustana College (Rock Island, Ill.)--Faculty.

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Materials donated by Edward Jawoisz in 2005. Items were obtained from an auction several years before being donated.



Dr. Theodor LeVander was born on June 3, 1909 in Creston, Iowa to Reverend Magni and Laura Lovene LeVander.  LeVander attended Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in 1931.  In 1934, he received a bachelor of divinity degree from Augustana Seminary.  LeVander was pastor of Frieden Lutheran Church in Barstow, Illinois, from 1935 to 1937.  He married Barbara Fehlman in 1939 in Geneseo.  LeVander did postgraduate work during 1934-3.  He obtained his Master of Arts degree from the University of Iowa in 1940 and also studied at the University of Minnesota and at Northwestern University.  He began working as a professor of speech at Augustana College in 1932, specializing in the area of rhetoric and public address.  During his time at Augustana he also taught in the homiletics department of the former Augustana Theological Seminary.  In 1961, Gustavus Adolphus awarded him a distinguished alumnus citation for his work in the field of speech.  In 1966, they also awarded him an honorary degree of doctor of human letters.  He retired from teaching 1977.  During his lifetime, LeVander was also an active member of the World Council of Churches.  He was a delegate from the Augustana Lutheran Church at world conferences in England in 1937 and Holland in 1948.  He died on Wednesday, March 6, 1996, in Rock Island at the age of 86.



The Theodor LeVander Collection is a collection of the personal belongings of Dr. LeVander.  Most of the materials in the collection deal with his association with the Augustana Synod. As a member of this group, LeVander was able to participate in events such as the First Assembly of the World Council of Churches, an international meeting between delegates of various Christian denominations. Most items within the collections are clustered around the 1948 First Assembly. The one glaring exception to this is a scrapbook he arranged that follows the 1936 United States presidential campaign. The collection is organized into four series: Personal, Augustana Synod, World Council of Churches, and Miscellaneous.
The Personal series contains two sub-series: Travel and Miscellaneous.  The Travel sub-series contains a number of pamphlets, brochures, and maps that Dr. LeVander obtained during his travels abroad.  The Miscellaneous sub-series includes a scrapbook put together by Dr. LeVander following the presidential campaign of 1936 between Franklin D. Roosevelt, Alf Landon , William Lemke, Norman Thomas, and Earl Browder.   The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and transcriptions of speeches given by the various candidates.  This series also includes an unlabeled black and white photograph.

The Augustana Synod series contains three sub-series: Centennial Pageant, The Lutheran Companion, and Miscellaneous.  The Centennial Pageant sub-series contains papers about the pageant committee, including meeting minutes, correspondence, and miscellaneous committee papers; lists of those helping with the pageant; the cast of the pageant; the program; the script; post-pageant news articles and correspondence; and miscellaneous papers dealing with the pageant.  The Lutheran Companion sub-series contains copies of The Lutheran Companion, the official organ of the Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod of North America published weekly by the Augustana Book Concern in Rock Island. This issues represented in this sub-series date from June 1948 to May 1949 with some issues missing. The Miscellaneous sub-series contains a paper that was issued by representatives of the Augustana Synod who were delegates at the Conference on Life and Work, held in Oxford and the Faith and Order Conference, held in Edinburgh. Both conferences were held in 1937.
The World Council of Churches series contains three sub-series: Conference of USA Member Churches, First Assembly, and Miscellaneous.  The Conference of USA Member Churches sub-series contains meeting minutes and committee correspondence.  The First Assembly sub-series contains papers, publications and reports from the First Assembly held in 1948. The Miscellaneous sub-series contains briefing documents, committee and commission reports and publications, the World Council of Churches constitution, and correspondence.

The Miscellaneous series includes three sub-series: Articles about World Council of Churches First Assembly, Booklets, and Other Organizations. While most of these items are likely related to the First Assembly as can be ascertained from the time period of their publication, they were not created by the World Council of Churches directly. The sub-series Articles about the World Council of Churches First Assembly is a collection of literature written about the proceedings of the First Assembly. The sub-series Booklets contains various booklets published between 1947 and 1948. The sub-series Other Organizations contains information of the Faith and Order Movement and the International Missionary Council. Both of these organizations would come to be related to the World Council of Churches.



The papers are organized alphabetically by folder title within each series excepting "miscellaneous" items which are found at the end of the corresponding series. Box 4 contains oversized materials from each of the series.



Box 1
                  Scrapbook, 1936-1937
                  Photograph, no date
                  Empty envelope from Moline Tool Company, 1949 [oversize: in box 4]
                  "Wereldkroniek" (in Dutch), Sept. 1948 [oversize: in box 4]

      Augustana Synod
            Centennial Pageant
                  Cast, circa 1948 [oversize: in box 4]
                  Committees, circa 1948 [oversize: in box 4]
                  Committee Papers, 1947-1948
                  Committee Papers, 1948 [oversize: in box 4]
                  Script, 1948
                  "Heroes of Faith" programs, 1948
                  Newspaper clippings, 1948
                  Post-production correspondence, 1948
                  Photographs, no date
                  Program, circa 1948 [oversize: in box 4]
            The Lutheran Companion
                  Jun. 1948 - Sept. 1948
Box 2
                  Sept. 1948 - May 1949
                  "Oxford and Edinburgh, 1937"

      World Council of Churches
            Conference of USA Member Churches
                  Annual Meeting, March 1949
                  Annual Meeting, March 1949 [oversize: in box 4]
                  Annual Meeting, Minutes, March 1950
                  Executive Committee Meeting, Sept. 1949
                  Executive Committee Meeting, Nov.-Dec. 1949
                  List of American Appointees to World Assembly, 1948
                  Executive Committee Meeting, March 1950 [oversize: in box 4]
                  Study Committee Meeting, Nov. 1949
                  Study Department, May 1949
            First Assembly
                        "The Estonian Church," 1948
                        "The Russian Orthodox Church in France," 1948
                        Study Department, Summaries of Assembly Volumes, 1948
                        "A Summary of Salient Facts about the First Assembly of the World Council of Churches," 1948
                        Youth Delegation, "Youth and the Assembly," 1948
                        The Amsterdam Assembly Series catalog, 1948
                        "Assembly News," #1-6, Aug-Sept. 1948
                        "Bulletins" No.1-No.4, July 1947-Sept. 1948
                        "The Christian Century," 1948
                        "The Christian Citizen in a Changing World," by John Foster Dulles, 1948
                        "The Church and the International Disorder: Man's Disorder and God's Design Vol. IV," Uncorrected Page Proof, 1948
                        "Concerns of the Churches," 1948
                        "Documents of the World Council of Churches," 1948
                        "Official Handbook," 1948
Box 3
                        "The Ten Formative Years, 1938-1948," 1948.
                        Various, 1948
                        Amendments to report of Committee IV, 1948
                        Reports of Sections I-IV, 1948
                        Briefing Documents, July 1948
                        Central Committee, Minutes & Reports of the Second Meeting of the Central Committee, July 1949
                        Commission on Faith and Order, Publications, no. 1-2, 1948-1949
                        Constitution for the World Council of Churches as amended and adopted at the First Assembly, Aug. 30, 1948
                        Correspondence, May 1948
                        Mailings, Whitsunday, no date
                        Narration for a filmstrip on the First Assembly, circa 1948 [oversize: in box 4]
                        Publications, "The World Council Courier," Oct. & Dec. 1948

            Articles about World Council of Churches First Assembly
                  from "Current Religious Thought," Sept. 1948
                  from "The Living Church," 1948
                  from "The Lutheran Companion," 1949
                  Newspaper Clippings, 1948
                  Various, 1947-1948
            Other Organizations
                  Faith and Order Movement, Publications no. 101-102, 1946-1947
                  International Missionary Council, Minutes, Sept. 1948
                  International Missionary Council, Publications, "World Christian Community in Action," 1949
Box 4 (oversize)
                  Empty envelope from Moline Tool Company, 1949
                  "Wereldkroniek" (in Dutch), Sept. 1948

      Augustana Synod
            Centennial Pageant
                  Cast, circa 1948
                  Committees, circa 1948
                  Committee Papers, 1948
                  Program, circa 1948

      World Council of Churches
            Conference of USA Member Churches
                  Annual Meeting, March 1949
                  Executive Committee Meeting, March 1950
            First Assembly
                     Narration for a filmstrip on the First Assembly, circa 1948



None known.


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