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  We are delighted to see this website, the result of Professor Tom Mayer's Fall 2000 history seminar come to fruition. Dr. Mayer found out that this codex of Reginald Pole's letters was for sale at auction in Germany in 2000. The library quickly moved to buy the volume because it fit well with a collection of Reformation imprints already owned by the library. Since Dr. Mayer intended to use it as a central element in the seminar, it furthered our goal of making Special Collections more central to the educational mission of the college.

The Augustana College Library, in partnership with the faculty seeks to teach each student to be an effective user to knowledge and information resources. Students not only need to be effective users of the most current information in the most recent technological formats, they also need to understand their role as participants in a continuum of recorded history. To this end, the library intends to make these rich collections of materials more central to the curriculum of the college and to purchase materials that enrich the collections that most closely match the curriculum.

We encourage Augustana faculty to talk to us about other potential purchases of rare books and manuscripts that can be assist faculty and students in teaching and learning. Our thanks go to the Espelie family for their kindness in endowing a fund for the purchase of rare books and manuscripts by the Augustana Library Special Collections.

Former Library Director and Jamie Nelson (Special Collections Librarian)