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Negotiati Delle Legationi del Cardinal Reginaldo Polo mandato da Papa Giulio III in Inghilterra per la redutione di quel Regno all'obedienza della Sede Apostolica et in Francia per trattar la pace tra Henrico Secondo e Carlo Quinto Imperatore, l'anno 1553

Legations of Cardinal Reginald Pole sent to England by Pope Julius III for the reduction of that kingdom to the obedience of the Apostolic See and in France in order to treat peace between Henry II and Emperor Charles V, in the year 1553.

Codex in Italian on paper. Cover is contemporary limp vellum which is stained with small defects. Written in the same hand throughout, circa 1700. Quarto volume: 30 cm (has been cut down on top edge at least) ´ 21.5 cm, xiv + 101 leaves (201 numbered pages). The front end paper of the codex has "n. 7." and Negotiati written in ink and "77 or possibly 11 Fol." written and circled in pencil. "Negotiati" is also scrawled on the bottom of the title page. A shortened version of the title (Negotiati delle Legationi del Cardinal Reginaldo Polo in Inghilterra Et Francia sorto Giulio III l'anno 1553) is written in a small hand on the top margin of the title page. Written on the top of the spine of the codex is probably the number 8 and on the base the number 10. The only information on the provenance of the codex is this note written on the bottom of the title page, 'Ex libris Abb. de Zucciis'. He has not been identified. Possibilities in the Cassinese Benedictine congregation - of which Pole was once protector and whose matricula has been published - include Ascanius Zucchius from Mantua, professed in 1648 and died 1703 (Arcangelo Bossi da Modena, Matricula monachorum congregationis casinensis ordinis S. Benedicti, 1, 1409-1699, ed. Leandro Novelli and Giovanni Spinelli [Cesena: Badia di Santa Maria del Monte, 1983, p. 152); Emilianus Zucchus from Milan, professed at Inglassiate in 1686, died 1737 (p. 269); Vincentius de Tucciis from Gravina, professed 1609, death not given (p. 466); and Franciscus Zaccus, professed 1676, died 1710 (p. 549).

Important peculiarities of this codex:

The letter on fos. 66r-7r has the correct month date vs. the others in main family to which this volume belongs (Archivio Segreto Vaticano, Fondo Carpegna 202 group). Fo. 137v has the title Copia delle lettere del [thus far in fancy hand of main title Re d'Inghilterra, et del Card. Polo Legato della S. Sede Apostolica alla santità di N. S. Giulio Papa terzo sopra la reduttione di quel Regno alla unione, della S. Madre Chiesa et obedienza della sede Apostolica' but no text; other members of the 202 family lack even the title.

General interest background information

This circa 1700 hand-written Italian codex was purchased online from a German auction house - Zisska & Kistner - which deals in manuscripts and rare books. This rare codex was found by Dr. Thomas F. Mayer of the Augustana history department, who having published numerous essays and three books concerning Reginald Pole, recognized the codex as a potentially valuable addition to the Augustana College Library's established collection of early Reformation imprints. The codex was purchased by special collections in the spring of 2000. Contained in the codex is correspondence both to and from Cardinal Reginald Pole concerning his papal legations for the reconciliation of England and his third and most important peace legation (both covering 1553-1557). Correspondents include eminent figures of sixteenth century Europe including Pope Julius III, Emperor Charles V, King Henry II of France, and Mary Tudor Queen of England.


3 unnumbered pages, verso of the second has pencil markings, third unnumbered page is the title page which also has pencil markings

10 1/2 fos. Containing a table of contents for the whole volume

1r-v Pole-Julius III, 7 August 1553

2r-v Pole-Julius III, 12 August 1553

3r Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 12 August 1553

3v-5v Granvelle-Pole, Mons, 7 September 1553

6r-7v Pole-Julius III, Isola, 28 September 1553

7v-8r Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 28 September 1553

8v-10r Pole-Julius III, Trent, 30 September 1553 with undated PS

10v-11r Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 30 September 1553

11r-v Pole-Canano, 1 October 1553

11v-12v Pole-Julius III, 21 October 1553

12v-13r PS

13r-14v Copy of Mary Tudor-Pole, 8 October 1553, translated from English

14v-15r Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 21 October 1553

15r-v Pole-Dandino, 21 October 1553

15v-16r Pole-Julius III, 27 October 1553

16r-v Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 31 October 1553

17r-v Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 14 December 1553

18r-20r Pole-Julius III, 28 January 1554

20v-21r Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 2 February 1554

21r-25r Pole-Julius III, 12 February 1554

25r-27r Copy of report from Venetian ambassador in England [Giovanni Michiel], 7 February 1554 (Wyatt, etc.)

27r-31v Pole-Julius III, 23 February 1554

31v-2r Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 25 February 1554

32r-8v Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, Fount. 4 April 1554 1/3 38v blank

39r-59v no white space

59v-60r Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, Paris, 9 April 1554

61v Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 24 April 1554

61v-2v Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 22 July 1554 w/PS

61v-2r Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 29 July 1554

62v-5v Successi d'Inghilterra

65v-6r Pole-Granvelle, Dilighem, 27 September 1554

66r-7r Pole-Charles V, 28 September 1554

67r-71r Pole-Julius III, 14 October 1554

71v-2r Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 14 October 1554

72v-3v Copy of Stepehen Gardiner's sermon at the reconciliation of England

73v-8r Niccolò Ornamentto-Seth [Holland], 7 October 1554

78r-9v Niccolò Ornamentto-Seth, 11 October 1554

80r-1r Pole-Julius III, 19 October 1554

81r-4r Pole-Julius III, 23 October 1554

84r-v Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte 23 October 1554

84v-5r Copy of Mary Tudor-Pole, 15 October 1554 (with usual notes about man propria [in her own hand], etc.)

85v-8r Pole-Julius III, 25 October 1554

88r-9v Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 7 November 1554

89v-91r Copy of Mary Tudor-Pole, 28 September 1554 with PS and one autograph PS

91r-4r Pole-Julius III, 11 November 1554

94r-6v Copy of Henry Pyning to Pole, from London 19 September 1553

97r-8v Pole-Julius III 13 November 1554

99r-103r Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 25 November 1554, with PS of 26 November

103v-4r Copy of Philip & Mary Tudor-Pole, 18 November 1554

104r-6v 3 Events after the Reconciliation, December 1554

107r-v Pole-Innocenzo Del Monte, 27 November 1554

108r-12r Pole-parliament

112r-v Copy of letter to Henry II 13 December 1554

113r Manrique-Julius III, 12 December 1554

113v-18v Proceedings in parliament. most 118v blank

119r-37r Il felicissimo ritorno del regno d'Inghilterra alla catholica unione, & alla obedientia della sede apostolica (Rome, s.d.) no white space, 1 December 1554

137v-8r following on fo. 137v 'Copia delle lettere del [thus far in fancy hand of main title Re d'Inghilterra, et del Card. Polo Legato della S. Sede Apostolica alla santit… di N. S. Giulio Papa terzo sopra la reduttione di quel Regno alla unione, della S. Madre Chiesa et obedienza della sede Apostolica', but no text Philip II-Julius III in own hand, 30 Novemeber 1554

138v-9r Italian translation of last

139v-42r headed 'Exemplum litterarum', etc. Copy of Pole-Julius III on reduction, 30 November 1554 (Latin)

142r-3r Parliament's supplication for Absolution

143r-v Absolution, a little white space

144r-5v Antonio Fiordibello-Philip and Mary Tudor, dedication to Giovanni Morone, 15 January 1555

146r-59v Antonio Fiordibello, oration of congratulations to Philip & Mary, no gap

159v-60v Avvisi [newsletters] 17 December 1554

160v-2v Avvisi 28 January 1555

163r-5r More-Avvisi [Mercoredi passato, part of 1 December 1554]

165r-6r Parliament-Philip and Mary Tudor, 2 horizontal lines and some blank space

166v-70v Compendio delli sucessi. . .alla sucessione [della Regina Maria], big flourish, half-page blank

171r-85v Henry VIII's will with final note 'Una Marcha ‚ tre scudi. Una lira di starlini [sic ‚ quattro scudi; fos 178v-9r have marginal notes of later titles of some figures]

186r-88r Form for consecrating bishops, 2 horizontal lines and 1/2 page blank

188v-92r Queen Jane's [Lady Jane Grey's] proclamation against the pope,

190r Moncipium, 1/2 page blank

192v-3r Mary Tudor's proclamation as queen, 19 July 1553

193r-5v Mary Tudor's proclamation on religion, 18 August 1553, 1/2 page blank

196r-7r The duke of Northumberland's speech from the scaffold

197r Sir John Gate's speech from the Scaffold

197v Palmer's speech from the scaffold

198r-v Avvisi d'Inghilterra [of late 1554: Bayne nominated to Coventry and Lichfield (provided by Pole November 1554); Alli xii. del passato il vescovo eliense predicò cattolicamente alla Croce di S. Polo; il medesimo faranno gl'altri vescovi per imposition di quelle MM.ta; Edward Courtenay, earl of Devon, released from Tower and put in custody of 'Thomas Tressal'; son of old duke of Norfolk died; Peter Carew asks pardon

199r-v Avvisi from Brussels, signed Muzzarelli

200r-v, Avvisi from England 'Finis' after 3 lines; most of page blank;

201r-v blank, and 2 unnumbered folios.

201 illustrated royal geneaological chart pasted to it. Four blank pages between 200 and 201. Two of these have nice clear watermarks