click for a larger photoBill Leaf and his wife, Sa-ke-ta-no-qua, at their home, Tama Co., IA, 7/19/1914 (65K)
Interview with Bill Leaf
click for a larger photoMrs. Bill Leaf and baby Pearl, Tama Co., IA, 1916 (36K)
click for a larger photoGuy Whistler and Mrs. Fanny Nadeau (37K)
Interview with Fanny Nadeu
Interview with Chief Poweshiek
click for a larger photoChief Push-E-To-Neke-Qua, Chief of the Musquakie Indians, Tama Co. IA (65K)
Interview with Chief Pushetonequa
click for a larger photoWa-Pe-La, a Musquakee chief(copy) (53K)
Wapella, Chief of the Musquakees

Native Americans

Traditions and daily life

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