G.D. Molineaux Diary

[5/18/1865 p.9]

Thursd 18th 1865

Fine morning after the very
heavy Rain last night.
I feel quite slim this morning
weigh only 127#
Recd another letter from
Phebe dear date May 6th/65
and newspaper scraps bulky
Good Letter.

I procured a Bottle of Black
berry & Rhubarb Syrup for my bowels

Friday 19th
Very warm morning
I wrote 1/2 sheet to Phebe &
grew so sleepy that I laid
out on the Lounge and be-
hold I slept away apast
dinnertime. about 2 hours
lost my dinner -well
now I must close up this
letter later done & Posted this Even'g

Warm dull Sleepy
day this (no news)

transcriptions by history students at Rock Island High School