G.D. Molineaux Diary

[date 5/25 - 5/27, 1863]

With the “rebs” from their busy  works. There was talking all along the Picket line after dark till 10 o clock. When their officers stopped in. So we have officers working the thing for two or three nights and shooting with vengeance all day and talking it over at night & war through the day and peace at night. We were relieved by the 7th MO at 6 am [and] returned to our old place. They have found out where we are and now bother us considerable. Here one man wounded badly to day since we returned and 2 yesterday who was not well and did not go with us. I have read a letter from Mother to day of date 10th _________ from writing later. The white flag was raised about 3 p.m which created quite an excitement to know what would be done. But it was merely a truce for 5 hours to make conditions of surrender which is no use with unconditional Grant. They have offered to give us the position ____ (siege) if we let them march on with small arms again, many families which  own, but nothing is granted. We are well aware that they intend to make a break out somewhere and tonight we will be busy giving up breastwork before us on the hill, so we can give them all ideas ______ if they try it here in the center. _____
Tuesday 26th, another hot morning in 3 hours we had a good work thrown up. I’ve worked by moonlight, from 10 to 1 o’clock, we have opened the ball this morning on them again. 2 or 3 of them came over to us last night and made good their escufle. Told us they had all their knapsacks for kid and three days cornmeal in haversacks but what was to be done. Of course, they didn’t know if they break fire, we will be ready for them. I have sent letter home to day.

Wed 27
Here today of a force law unruly to meak and give battle to go Johnson County in our rear from over Yazoo City. The 2nd Brigade of our _____ label orders to March to night. We are fortifying ourselves here and I hope my stay intil [until] we bring the Rebs over the way to terms. We seem to be gaining a little advantage every day. Have been ordered to make ourselves comfortable on the side hill. So by digging out we can board over and make quite a sewage hole. To day in I have a place all to myself. I have fixed up to day ______ in the

 [the rest of the letter is faded and unreadable]

transcription by Mr. Straka's 8th grade students from New West Charter Middle School in Los Angeles, CA, 2008