G.D. Molineaux Diary

[5/8/1865 p.3]


Went this afternoon and had
1/2 Dozen & Photo taken [illeg. set forever?]

Saw dentist about my
teeth, will cost me $75.00 to
fix on Vulcanite plate -
has 15 dollars for filling
3 00 for extracting + etc.

This has been a most
Salvbrious day. what a
beautiful world this might
be thats what's the matter.

May 9th
Very pleasant day. Cool after
the shower, dust laid & etc.

I rced [received] about dusk letter
from mother posted May 1st
quickest time yet
Nuos [news] paper Scraps in abundance

I walked up to the Head of
St. Louis St. but returned by
eleven o'clock by St. Mie**[illeg.]
S*[illeg.] Kato Perey and returned
Slept Soundly. Oh! what
a sweet restorer is sleep

transcriptions by history students at Rock Island High School