G.D. Molineaux Diary

[10/19/1865 p.35]

19th October 1865
A beautiful eclipse
of sun to day which I missed
looking at, but noticed the
darkness without clouds
rced [received] a Peoria Transcript

Rced [received] letter from Jno Moore,

a beautiful Sabbath wrote
some to Brother George

Mailed long letter to G.F.L.

November 5th

I have written long letter to Bro.
G.F.L. and a line to mother
to day cool weather

Novbr [november] 15th 1865
Wrote to Sister Phebe
a hurried Scrawl

Nov 18th
Rced Mother letter
from Balt [Baltimore] dated Sept
advt [advertised?] Oct 24th

transcriptions by history students at Rock Island High School