G.D. Molineaux Diary

[6/9/1865 p.19]

Friday 9th 1865
Excessively Hot today masons
have a funeral procession,
A.D. Bummp Sergt 6th Mich H.A.
gone to Ft. Morgan on a S**ec [illeg.]
walked up town and back very
warm took wash all over and
now feel sick with pains through
my limbs. was too much fatigued
to have walked was imprudent.

Saturday 10th
Rations to attend too [to] to day [today], and
I feel quite - a[n]guish di**tagues [illeg.]
drew some fresh Beet early this morning
can of cherries opened nicely
yesterday. Catfish is excellent

Sunday 11th
Robert our colored "cook" knocked
off after breakfast. So we have
no cook for dinner
I am feeling quite slim, so
warm. I fear I am going to be
sick. but won't if I can help
it. Sure, "the heated terem is upon us"

transcriptions by history students at Rock Island High School