G.D. Molineaux Diary

[5/26/1865 p.13]

Friday 26th May 1865,
This has been a day of Excitement
the fire breaking out anew every
little while and Shells exploding
Met Capt Arnold. he offered
me a detail in Q.M. Dept
of the M.D.W Miss

1stdivis 13th A.C. all leave
to day, went down to levee
and Seen the 8th 11th the 6th
off "White Cloud No 2" and
heard its in the Groessboex
fine band music and all in
good spirits. Hope they may go
home instead of Texas.
Now Ordinance office is all alone
In the Dentist Shop. Oh how
lonely. Sent "Mobile News"
to L.K. Peoria today full acct [account?]

Sunday 28th May
one of the most beautiful and
pleasant mornings I ever
seen. Last night the atmosphere
turned cool and oh, how I did sleep

transcriptions by history students at Rock Island High School