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MSS 67
6.5 linear feet (15 boxes, 2 oversize folders, and 8 oversize blueprint boxes)

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Augustana College (Rock Island, Ill.)


English, Swedish


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 This collection was assembled over time by Library staff.

1922 architectural sketch received from Julie Halpern Isaacson in January 2014.


The materials in this collection represent various buildings and structures on the Augustana College campus. For more historical information about Augustana College, refer to Augustana…A Profession of Faith: A History of Augustana College 1860-1935 by Conrad Bergendoff and Coming of Age: A History of Augustana College 1935-1975 by Thomas Tredway. For a more detailed history of buildings at Augustana College, refer to An Historical Survey of the Augustana College Campus by Glen E. Brolander.

Augustana College moved to its present location in Rock Island, Illinois in 1875. The oldest still-standing building is Old Main, which was constructed in the 1880s. Several other buildings have either been torn down or repurposed over the course of the school's history.

In the early 1920s, Zion Hill was leveled to make room for several new seminary buildings including the Seminary dorm, the Seminary Library (now the Swenson Hall of Geosciences), and Founder's Hall.

Other buildings have been repurposed as the college's needs have changed. In the late 1970s, the former College Union became the Biology Building. Similarly, when the Thomas Tredway Library was built in 1991, the Denkmann Memorial Library was turned into a classroom building for foreign languages. In 2013, the Thomas Tredway Library was renovated and became the Center for Student Life.

In 1970, the John Deere Planetarium recieved the honor of being selected as a winner of the design competition sponsored by the national publication Colleges and Universities as one of the "16 outstanding examples of campus design for the '70's."



The Augustana College Buildings and Grouds collection measures 5 linear feet and is comprised of the following series:

The Augustana Memorial Ampitheater contains plans from 1953 for the building of an outdoor ampitheater to memorialize fallen soliders. It also contains correspondence relating to fundraisers and development plans as well as photographs and articles from the Augustana Observer.

The Center for Student Life series contains an invitation to the 2012 groundbreaking ceremony.

The Fine Arts series dates from 1953-1957 and 2002 and contains materials and pamplets regarding the building of the Bergendoff Hall of Fine Arts and Centennial Hall, the auditorium and concert hall.

The Gymnasiums series contains four subseries: The 1895 Gym, the 1916 Gym, Carver Physical Education Center, and the Pepsico Recreational Center.
The 1895 Gym subseries contains fundraising pamphlets and two bricks from the building (located in the realia section at the end of the collection).
The 1916 Gym subseries consists of documents from the Priester construction company pertaining to the 1960 building remodel, a building sketch, newspaper articles, and copies of the Augustana Alumni Bulletin.
The Carver Physical Education Center subseries, 1968-1985 and undated, consists of pamphlets, dedication programs, postcards, and news articles about the building and Augutana Athletics. This subseries also contains blueprints for the parking lot.
The Pepsico Recreation Center subseries dates from 1995 and contains a dedication program as well as a large picture of the building.

The Library series is divided into two subseries: Denkmann Memorial Library and Thomas Tredway Library.
The Denkmann Memorial Library, 1909-1991 and undated, consists of news articles, a sketch, and floorplans, as well as documents and blueprints from the Priester construction company. It also contains undated keys labeled "library" and "archives."
The Thomas Tredway Library subseries, 1991-2003 and undated, contains programs from the dedication and naming of the building, a building sketch, and floorplans.

The Old Main series, 1884-1983 and undated, contains a brick from the building, sketches of Old Main, invitations to events in the building, information about Cable Hall, and blueprints from the 1959-1960 remodel.

The Residence Halls series consists of the following subseries:
The Andreen Hall subseries, 1969-1979 and undated, consists of dorm policies, building sketches, and blueprints.
The Carlsson-Evald Hall subseries, 1921, 1997-1999 and undated, consists of fundraising brochures for the Woman's Building, information about the 70th Anniversary Celebration, a sketch of Carlsson Hall, and material on the dedication of Evald Lounge.
The Immanuel Hall subseries dates from 1959 and contains a dedication program.
The Erickson Residence Center dates from 1966 and consists of a dedication brochure and policy manuels.
The Naeseth Town House subseries dates from 1996 and contains a dedication program.
The Westerlin Hall subseries, 1957 and undated, contains a dedication program, a black and white sketch of Westerlin, and a watercolor postcard depicting the dorm.
The Upper Campus subseries contains development plans from 1955.

The Sciences series is divided into the following subseries:
The Wallberg Hall of Sciences subseries, 1923-1985 and undated, contains a building sketch and materials relating to science classes and the contents of the cornorstone time capsule. It also contains information and photographs of the 1955 fire that consumed the 4th floor and the subsequent renovations. It also contains papers written by students and Fritiof Fryxell along with information on the 50th Anniversary celebrations. There are also blueprints from the Priester construction company and a slideshow by Mel Peterson.
The John Deere Planetarium subseries dates from 1958-1959, 1969-1975. It consists of news articles and dedication programs, miscellanoues events, and architectural awards, as well as a sample of the copper used to renovate the roof.
The Science Facilites subseries consists of devlopment plans as well as documents and blueprints from the Priester construction company for various science building upgrades in 1967.
The Swenson Hall of Geosciences subseries dates from 1979 and consists of blueprints and documents from the Priester Construction Company relating to the remodeling of the building.
The Biology Building subseries dates from 1977-1980 and contains items and papers removed from a three-ring binder. These papers relate to the plans and the equipment purchased as well as an open house.
The Hanson Hall of Science subseries consists of images and floorplans dating from 1996-1998. There are also undated pictures located in oversize folder OPF-067/1.
The F.W. Olin Center for Technology subseries contains a dedication program from 1998 and an undated picture.

The Theological Seminary series contains information relating to multiple buildings of the former Augustana Seminary and also consists of the following subseries:
The Founder's Hall subseries dates from 1967-1969 and contains a dedication program as well as blueprints.
The Ascension Chapel subseries contains information about the dedication of the chapel's organ in 1981 and a watercolor postcard depicting the chapel.

The Student Unions series dates from 1945-1997 and consists of the follwing subseries:
The Student's Union subseries dates from 1945-1946 and contains bills and invoices relating to the construction of the building as well as news articles.
The College Union subseries dates from 1959-1979 and consists of informational brochures and ne ws articles as well as information about the Hammarskjold Room.
The North Hall subseries consists of a press release from 1973.
The College Center subseries dates from 1978-1979 and contains news articles and informational brochures.
The Betsey Broadahl Student Services Building subseries contains dedication information from 1997.

The Miscellaneous series contains information about various buildings and locations on campus and consists of the following subseries:
The Bell Tower subseries, 1983 and undated, contains information written in 1983 about the College Bell and three sketches of the bell tower.
The Black Culture House subseries contains an undated informational brochure about the purpose of the house.
The East Hall subseries dates from 1976 and consists of information about the history of the building and bricks located in Box 12 at the end of the collection.
The Ericsson Field subseries consists of a paper written about the creation of the athletic field.
The House on the Hill subseries contains informational brochures as well as paperwork for the National Register of Historic Places.
The Multiple Building Information subseries dates from 1959-1962 and contains blue prints and floorplans for several buildings on campus as well as information compiled by Conrad Bergendoff about early water supplies to Augustana buildings and typewriten information for a walking tour of the Augustana campus.
The Physical Plant subseries contains floorplans from 1962.
The Student Health Services subseries contains informational brochures from 1970 as well as undated brochures.
The University of Illinois subseries contains a brick from the university in Springfield where Lars Paul Esbjorn, Augustana's first president, taught Scandanavian studies before Augustana College and Theological Seminary were organized.
The Walter Gale House subseries contains documents relating to the National Register of Historic Places.
The Jubilee Hall subseries contains the planning specifications for Jubilee Hall, a temporary structure erected in the 1910 school year for the purpose of hosting the 1910 Jubilee celebrations.
Addition of 2014 contains photographs of various construction projects on campus.
The Bulletin board subseries contains a sketch of the bulletin board donated to the college by the class of 1936.

The Realia series contains objects and physical items relating to other series in the collection including bricks and keys as well as a copper roof sample.

The Blueprints series contains blueprints from renovations and construction projects by the Priester Company.

The Sound Recordings series contains audiocassette tapes and reel-to-reel audiotapes from the The Marker Dedication at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Paxton, IL commemorating Augustana College and Augustana Seminary, , September 22, 1957.
The Video Recordings series contains film and videotapes featuring shots of Augustana's campus, including Old Main, the science building, Wallberg Hall, and the fire at Wallberg Hall.



The Augustana College Buildings and Grounds collection covers a broad time period and many different subjects. The various buildings and locations are grouped into series according to the subject of its use. The series are arranged in alphabetical order and within each series, the subseries are arranged in chronological order.

All documents from the Priester company and blueprints are maintined in original order.


MSS 105 - Carl J. Peterson papers
MSS 244 - Office of the Treasurer
Photos of the Augustana College and Theological Seminary campus located in the photo files.




Augustana Memorial Ampitheater, 1953

Development Plans, 1953

Correspondence, 1953

Augustana Observer, 1953

Miscellaneous, 1953

Photographs, 1953

Center for Student Life, 2012

Groundbreaking invitation, 2012

Fine Arts, 1953-1957, 1982, 2002 and undated

Bergendoff, 1953-1957

Centennial, 1982-2002 and undated

"Centennial Hall" by Conrad Bergendoff, 1982

Gymnasiums, 1895-1995, undated

1895 Gym

"Bricks for the Erection of a Gymnasium" pamphlets, 1894

Bricks, undated (located in Box 9 at the end of the collection)

1916 Gym, 1916-1971 and undated

1916 Gymnasium 1916-1971 and undated

Priester Co Documents relating to Gym remodel, 1960 [2 folders]

Carver Physical Education Center, 1968-1985 and undated

News, 1968-1975, 1985

Dedication, 1971 [see also OPF-067/2]

Pamphlets and postcards, undated

Blueprints of parking lot (located in Box 14 at the end of the stacks)

Pepsico Recreation Center, 1995

Dedication, 1995

Picture, undated (located in OPF-067/1)


Library, 1909-2003 and undated

Denkmann Memorial Library, 1909-1991

News, 1909, 1968-1969

Priester Co. Job 1235 Documents, 1967

Floorplans, 1969

Dedication, 1991

Miscellaneous, 1990 and undated

Blueprints (located in OPF-067/1 and Box 15 at the end of the stacks)

Keys, undated (located in Box 10 at the end of the collection)

Thomas Tredway Library, 1991, 2003, undated

Dedication, 1991, 2003

Floorplans and building sketch, undated


Old Main, 1884-1983 and undated

Invitations, 1884-1889

Brick, 1893 (located in Box 10 at the end of the collection)

Lawrence Hallberg, Architect, 1905, 1981, undated

National Register of Historic Places, 1969

"Old Main-Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill." by Conrad J.I. Bergendoff, 1974 [check]

"A Century-Old Monument: Augustana College's Old Main", 1984

Building sketches, undated

Cable Hall

"The Cable Gift", 1973

Cable Hall Correspondence, 1979

Cable Hall, 1983

Blueprints, 1959-1961 (located in Box 18 and Box 19 at the end of the stacks)

Residence Halls, 1921-1999 and undated

Andreen Hall, 1959-1979 and undated

Rule books, 1969, 1972, 1976-1979

Building sketches, undated

Blueprints, 1959-1961 (located in Box 19 at the end of the stacks)

Arbaugh Town House, 1996

Dedication, 1996

Carlsson-Evald Hall, 1921, 1997-1999 and undated

Fundraising brochure and sketch, 1921 and undated

70th Anniversary, 1997

Emmy Evald Memorial Lounge Dedication, 1999

Immanuel Hall, 1959

Cornerstone laying, 1959

Erickson Residence Center, 1966, undated

Dedication, 1966

Brochures, undated

Naeseth Town House, 1996

Dedication, 1996

Westerlin Hall, 1957 and undated

Upper Campus, 1955

Development plans, 1955

Science Buildings, 1920-1980, 1996-1998

Wallberg Hall of Sciences, 1920-1985 and undated

Prospectus for Building Proposal and building sketch, 1920-1933 and undated

Text for Chemistry Class belonging to Reynold E. Holmen, 1923-1933

Articles from University of Toronto Monthly, 1933, 1947-1949

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, 1934

Cornerstone Time Capsule Contents, 1934 [2 folders]

Article in Swedish, 1935

Wallberg Fire, 1955

Article on Wallberg Fire, 1955

Michael Szymanski paper (History 300)-includes a paragraph about the Wallberg fire

Renovation, 1979


Fritiof Fryxell paper, "The Planning of Wallenberg Hall," 1980

50th Anniversary, 1985

"Wallberg Hall Fifty Years Old!" 1985

Exhibit signs, 1985

"The Building of…" notes, 1985

Paper, "Preliminary Planning Program," undated

Blueprints, modernization, (located in Box 14 at the end of the stacks)

Photographs, 1934, 1946-1961, 1985, undated

Cornerstone laying, 1934

Photos, June 4, 1934

Photo exhibit, 1946-1961, 1985

Alumni, 1955, undated

1955 Fire

4th floor after the 1955 fire

Labs, 1957, undated

Slideshow by Mel Peterson

John Deere Planetarium, 1958-1959, 1969-1975, undated

Carl Gamble Observatory, 1959

News, 1969-1970, 1974

Dedication, 1969

Miscellaneous, 1958, 1969-1975, undated

Copper roofing sample (located in Box 11 at the end of the collection)

Science Facilites, 1967

Development plans, 1967

Priester Co. Job 1247 documents, 1967 [3 of 6 folders]


Priester Co. Job 1247 documents, 1967 [3 of 6 folders]

Blueprints (located in Box 17 at the end of the stacks)


Swenson Hall of Geosciences, 1979

Priester Co. documents relating to the remodel, 1979 [5 of 7 folders]


Priester Co. documents relating to the remodel, 1979 [2 of 7 folders]

Biology Building, 1977-1980

Plans, 1977-1978

Specifications, etc. for renovation, 1978

Equipment purchased, 1979

Open House, etc., 1980

Hanson Hall of Science, 1996-1999, undated

Floorplans, 1996, undated

Dedication, 1998

Irregular Hillside Soils, 1998-1999 [restricted until 2025]

Miscellaneous, 1998-1999, undated

Pictures, undated (located in OPF-067/1)

F.W. Olin Center for Technology, 1998, undated

Dedication, 1998

Picture, undated (located in OPF-067/1)


Theological Seminary, 1923, 1967-1969, 1981

Dedication and other papers, 1923, 1963 and undated

Augustana Seminary Buildings-10 years after Architect's Report, 1932

Architectural sketch of Augustana Theological Seminary, 1922 (located in OPF-067/1)

Founder's Hall, 1967-1969

Dedication, 1969

Blueprints, 1967 (located in Box 16 at the end of the stacks)

Ascension Chapel, 1981 and undated

Student Unions, 1945-1997

Student's Union, 1945-1946

Bills and invoices, 1945-1946

News, 1946

College Union, 1959-1979

Brochures, 1959, 1962-1974

News, 1960-1961, 1972-1979

Hammarskjold Room, 1965

North Hall, 1973

Press release, 1973

College Center, 1978-1979, undated

News, 1978-1979

Pamphlets, undated

Blueprints, 1977 (located in Box 21 at the end of the stacks)

Betsey Broadahl Student Services Building, 1997

Dedication, 1997

Miscellaneous, 1910-1983 and undated

Bell Tower, 1983 and undated

Black Culture House, undated

Pamphlet, undated

East Hall, 1976, undated

The History of East Hall, 1976

Bricks, undated (located in Box 12 at the end of the collection)

Ericsson Field, undated

"The Story of Ericsson Field", undated

House on the Hill, undated

Brochures, undated

National Register of Historic Places, 1969

Multiple Building Information, 1959, 1962, undated

Blueprints and floor plans,1959, 1962

"A historical and architectural hike through Augustana's campus" by LaDonna Breidfjord Backmeyer, 1981

"Water supply for first buildings" by Conrad Bergendoff, undated

Physical Plant, 1962

Floor plans, 1962

Student Health Service, 1970, undated

Brochures, 1970, undated

University of Illinois, undated (located in Box 10 at the end of the collection)

Walter Gale House, 1969

National Register of Historic Places, 1969

Jubilee Hall, 1910

Bulletin Board, undated



Bricks from 1895 Gym

BOX 10

Brick from Old Main, 1893

Brick from University of Illinois, undated

Keys, undated

"Library custodial closet," undated

"Archives," undated

"Dr. Bergendoff's Office," undated

"33B," undated

"22A," undated

BOX 11

John Deere Planeterium Copper Roof Sample, undated

BOX 12

Bricks from East Hall, undated

OPF-067/1 [formerly box 13]

Denkmann blueprints, undated

Pepsico floor plans and picture, undated

Hanson Hall of Science picture [2 copies]

Olin picture, undated

Augustana College Site Plans/ Proposals, undated

Architectural sketch of Augustana Theological Seminary, 1922

BOX 14

Blueprints (located at the end of the stacks)

Carver parking lots and Modernization of Wallenberg, 1973

BOX 15

Denkmann Library, 1966

BOX 16

Founders and Seminary Remodel, 1967

BOX 17

Science Facilites, 1967

BOX 18

Phase 1 and 2 of Old Main Remodel, 1959-1960

BOX 19

Old Main and Andreen, undated

BOX 20

Sorenson Bridge, undated

BOX 21

College Center Plans, 1977

BOX 22


Addition of 2014: Photographs of construction projects


Carver Physical Education Center news clippings, 1971

Sound Recordings, 1957 and undated


First Evangelical Lutheran Church service program, Paxton IL, September 22, 1957

The Historical Service and The Marker Dedication program, Commemorating Augustana College and Augustana Seminary, Paxton, IL, September 22, 1957


C-0067/1:Marker Dedication [Audiocassette]
C-0067/2: First Lutheran Church Paxton, Pastor Leaf, September 22, 1957 [Audiocassette]
R-0067/1: “The Historical Service and The Marker Dedication Service” First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Paxton, IL, September 22, 1957 [Reel-to-reel audiotape]

Video Recordings, circa 1920s-1988 and undated


F-0067/1: "Augie Building Dedication," construction of Bergendoff Hall [silent] [film], 1954
F-0067/2: "Augustana College Bldg. Program"  (Bergendoff Hall?) [silent] [film], 1954
F-0067/3: New bulletin board, students and faculty around campus, shots of Old Main [silent] [film], circa 1940s
F-0067/4: Building of Science Hall I (Wallberg Hall) [silent] [film], 1934
F-0067/5: Building of Science Hall II (Wallberg Hall) [silent] [film], 1934
F-0067/6: Campus scenes and 7th Avenue parade [silent] [film], circa 1920s

VT-0067/1: Augie Campus Shots and Dr. Hammer, 5 October 1988 [Betamax]
VT-0067/2: Augie Old Main, “Beauty Shots”,  18 October 1988 [Betamax]
VT-0067/3: Wallberg Hall- Groundbreaking, Construction, etc. (Master) [VHS]
VT-0067/4: Wallberg Hall- Groundbreaking, Construction, etc. (DUB) [VHS]
VT-0067/5: Fire at Wallberg Hall, 18 February 1955 [VHS]
VT-0067/6: Fire at Wallberg Hall, 18 February 1955 (DUB) [VHS]



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