Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities
1956-2001, scattered and undated

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Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities. (Rock Island, Ill.)
Holocaust Remembrance Day -- United States.

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Allison James, 2008. Updated by Helen Reinold, 2011.


Augustana College Special Collections
Thomas Tredway Library
639 38th Street
Rock Island, Illinois 61201

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Acquisition information for Series I and II is unknown. The materials in Series III and IV were donated to Special Collections by Deb Bowen in 2010. The materials were being discarded by the Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities.



The Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities is a non-profit corporation founded in 1980 whose Board of Directors is comprised of local community leaders elected annually. According to their website, the Federation purports to address issues of religion, interfaith issues, combating anti-Semitism, education, and family welfare. The Federation has worked with other organizations such as Augustana College and the Tri-City Jewish Center to sponsor Holocaust remembrance events.

The Yom Hashoa Committee was formed in the 1980s to organize events and programs commemorating the Holocaust. The committee organizes classroom programs, art exhibits, public lectures, and film screenings. The committee’s main responsibility is to organize the Yom Hashoa Holocaust Remembrance Day event.



The Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities records consist of four series: Education, Footage, Yom Hashoa Committee, and Yom Hashoa Holocaust Remembrance Day.
The Education series (1956-1987 scattered and undated) contains literature, informational pamphlets, news and magazine articles and guides for teachers about how to teach the Holocaust in the classroom. There is a large focus on films as a medium of Holocaust education and awareness, especially about the 1978 film "Holocaust" which aired on television. Also included are three folders, kept in original order, from the Interfaith Sensitivity Council on the Holocaust, the American Association for Jewish Education folder, and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith folder. Some of the contents of these folders may be duplicated elsewhere in this series.
The Footage series (1983-1986 and undated) contains mostly VHS copies and one DVD copy of interviews with Holocaust survivors from the Quad Cities area including Esther Katz and Esther Auruch of Rock Island. Also included are films produced using this footage such as "Memorial" with recollections about Warsaw and Auschwitz and the film "Genocide."
The Yom Hashoa Committee series (1980-2001, and undated) contains member lists, meeting minutes, correspondence, financial records, public relations material, and other miscellaneous administrative documents relating to the Yom Hashoa Committee.
The Yom Hashoa Holocaust Remembrance Day series (1982-2001, and undated) contains programs, newspaper clippings, announcements, and correspondence relating to each year’s Remembrance Day. 1993, 1994, and 1995 also include framed and unframed certificates from Quad City mayors proclaiming the Remembrance Day dates of those respective years. The folders in this series are arranged chronologically by year.



Box 1
       Series I: Education

              Bibliographies, undated
              Magazines, 1956-1978 scattered
              Magazines, 1980-1987
              Pamphlets, 1968, 1980, 1982
              Articles, 1980-1987
              "Facing History and Ourselves" volumes 1-9, 1977
              "Dimensions," 1985-1988
              "Perspectives," 1981, 1984-1985
Box 2
              Teachers' Guides, 1976-1978
              Teachers' Guides, 1980-1982 and undated
              Classroom materials and catalogues, 1978-1984 and undated
              Film-related material, 1978, 1982, 1986-1987
              Learning Corporation of America "Holocaust" film materials, 1978
              Correspondence, 1978-1987 scattered
              Memorial, Remembrance and Awareness, 1981-1987
              Material from Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, 1979-1987 scattered and undated
Box 3
              Interfaith Sensitivity Council on the Holocaust folder, undated
              American Association for Jewish Education folder, undated
              Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith folder, undated
Box 4
       Series II: Footage
              Interview with Esther Katz, Part 1-1
              Interview with Esther Katz, Part 1-2
              Interview with Esther Katz, Part 1-3
              Interview with Esther Katz, Part 1-4
Box 5
              Interview with Esther Katz, Part 2-1
              Interview with Esther Katz, Part 2-2
              Interview with Esther Katz, Part 2-3
              Interview with Esther Katz, Part 2-4
Box 6
              Interview with Schiff, Part 1
              Interview with Schiff, Part 2
              Interview with Schiff, Part 3
              Interview with Schiff, Part 4
Box 7
              Interview with Esther Auruch, Part 1
              Interview with Esther Auruch, Part 2
              Interview with Esther Auruch, Part 3
              Interview with Esther Auruch, Part 4
Box 8
              Holocaust Interview 1
              Holocaust Interview 2 (Katz, Auruch)
              Holocaust Interview 3 (Katz)
              Holocaust Interview 4 (Katz)
Box 9
              Memorial: interviews (17 minutes)
              Memorial: interviews (18 minutes and 9 minutes)
              Memorial: TV version (2 hours)
Box 10
              Genocide (52 minutes)
              Genocide VHS copy (52 minutes)
              Selections from Lost Generation, Holocaust Center of Northern California, 1986
Box 11
              The Holocaust as Narrated by Katz and Auruch
              Yom Hashoa, 1983
              Katz interviews (3 DVDs) parts 1-4

2010 Accession
Box 12
              Series III. Yom Hashoa Committee (1980-2001, and undated)
                 Series IV. Yom Hashoa Holocaust Remembrance Day (1982-2001, and undated)

                           1982 – 1991
Box 13
                           1992 – 1995
Box 14
                           1995 – 2001




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