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Molly Todd, 2009, 2011
Ellen Hay, 2011
Brian Leech, 2012




Individual interviews may have restrictions

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Augustana College (Rock Island, Ill.)
Augustana College and Theological Seminary (Rock Island, Ill.)-- Alumni and alumnae.
Quad Cities (Ill. and Iowa)
World War II--Personal narratives.
Oral history.

Finding aid prepared by:

Allison James, 2009. Updated by Helen Reinold, 2011, Julia G. Westblade, 2012, and Gina Balestri, 2013.


Augustana College Special Collections
Thomas Tredway Library
639 38th Street
Rock Island, Illinois 61201

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These interviews were conducted for the final assignment of HI369 Oral History and Testimonio. The LSFY Paper additions were conducted ina first year writing class.


Hi369 Oral History and Testimonio is an Augustana course first taught by Dr. Molly Todd during Winter term of the 2008-2009 academic year. The class focused on the oral history tradition in both theory and practice. The 2008-2009 and 2010-2011 students conducted an oral history interview with an Augustana alumnus to piece together "the Augustana Story." The 2012-2013 class conducted interviews with Augustana alumni, Quad Cities residents, and former Rock Island Arsenal employees to answer the question "Was World War II a good war?" Subsequent class projects may vary in subject or theme, but the overall goal will remain to better understand and practice oral history.

The LSFY Papers were written based on oral interviews of retired Augsutana professors in 2011.



The Oral History interview series contains interviews with various Augustana alumni, Quad Cities residents, and former Rock Island Arsenal employees. A separate finding aid for each interviewee (prepared by the interviewers) is available online through the links below. Each interview's finding aid contains information about the interviewee, index, full transcript and a copy of the original audio available for download.

The Oral History Class 2008-2009 series (2009) contains the following interviews: Frost, Marilyn; Johnson, Arthur; Nelson, Lillian; Parkander, Dorothy; Peterson, Donald.

The Oral History Class 2010-2011 series (2010) contains the following interviews: Horstmann, Jim and Carol; Olsen, Paul; Sundelius, Harold; Tredway, Thomas.

The LSFY Papers 2011 series (2011) contains papers based on interviews with Tom Banks, Nancy Huse, Sonja Knudsen, Doug Nelson, Don Peterson, Ralph Troll, and Roald Tweet.

The Oral History Class of 2012-2013 series (2012) contains the following interviews: Aguilera, Maria Mercedes; Anonymous;
Hammond, Eva; Johnson, Ben; Johnson, Keith; Masterson, Harry; McAdams, William; Pearson, Robert L.; Pierce, Charles and Marguerite (Peggy); Wahe, Martha.



The interviews are arranged by the year in which the class conducted them.



Box 1
      Oral History Class 2008-2009

            Interview with Marilyn Frost ( - )
            Interview with Arthur Johnson (1913- )
            Interview with Lillian Nelson ( - )
            Interview with Dorothy Parkander (1925- )
            Interview with Donald Peterson ( - )
     Oral History Class 2010-2011
          Interview with Jim and Carol Horstmann ( - )
          Interview with Paul Olsen ( - )
          Interview with Harold Sundelius ( - )
          Interview with Thomas Tredway (1935- )
          HIST 369 Oral History final presentations, "What is the Augustana Story?" [2 versions], October 2010

Box 2
     LSFY Papers 2011
          Tom Banks [2 folders]
          Nancy Huse
          Sonja Knudsen
          Doug Nelson
          Don Peterson
          Ralph Troll
          Roald Tweet

Box 3
      Oral History Class 2012-2013
          Interview with Maria Mercedes Aguilera (1936- )
          Interview with Anonymous ( - )
          Interview with Eva Hammond ( - )
          Interview with Ben Johnson (1924- )
          Interview with Keith Johnson (1932- )          
          Interview with Harry Masterson (1915- )

Box 4
           Interview with William McAdams (1928- )
           Interview with Robert L. Pearson (1936- )
           Interview with Charles and Marguerite (Peggy) Pierce ( - )
           Interview with Martha Wahe (1921- )




None known

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