Rock Island Views

Quad Cities views

2nd Ave., Rock Island, looking west, 1916 (75K)
Night scene, 2nd Ave., Rock Island, 1913 (72K)
5th Ave. & 12th St., 4/13/1920 (47K)
Sears, junction of 9th & 12th Sts., 10/30/1918 (40K)
20th St., Rock Island (80K)
42nd St. & 18th Ave., 4/7/1919 (30K)
Beth Israel Synagogue, Rock Island, 1911 (46K)
Broadway Presbyterian Church, Rock Island, 1910 (54K)
Central Presbyterian Church, Rock Island, 1855-1910 (53K)
Christian Scientist Church, Rock Island, 1912 69K)
First Baptist Church, Rock Island (53K)
German Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rock Island, 1910 (50K)
Grace Lutheran Church, Rock Island (45K)
M.E. Church, 19th St., Rock Island (35K)
Presbyterian Church, Rock Island, 1914 (55K)
St. George Greek Orthodox Church (37K)
Zion Lutheran Church, Rock Island (41K)
1st Brick Building, erected in Rock Island about 1840, 1913 (73K)
C.B. & Q. Station, Rock Island, 1908 (62K)
Family Theater, Rock Island, 1911 (63K)
Fort Theater, Rock Island (75K)
McHugh drugstore, Rock Island, 1958? (70K)
Modern Woodmen building, Rock Island, 1794, 1907 (78K)
News plant & offices, Rock Island "Argus" (76K)
Rock Island County Courthouse, 1912 (67K)
Rock Island Depot, 1914 (64K)
Rock Island High School, 1910 (72K)
Rock Island High School, c.1950 (59K)
St. Anthony's Hospital, Rock Island, 1912 (72K)
Rock Island Public Library, 1910 (90K)
New Rock Island Post Office, c.1910? (67K)
Royal Neighbors, Rock Island, 1910 (65K)Longview Park, 18th Ave., Rock Island (71K)
Black Hawk statue, Spencer Square, Rock Island (82K)
Spencer Square, Rock Island, 1908 (89K)
Spencer Square, Rock Island, 1910 (64K)
Black Hawk Watch Tower, from Rock River, 1901 (75K)
Toboggan Slide (down), Black Hawk Watch Tower (98K)
Toboggan Slide (up), Black Hawk Watch Tower (87K)
Toboggan Slide (end), Black Hawk Watch Tower, 1907 (79K)
"Figure 8" (roller coaster), Black Hawk Watch Tower (80K)
"Circus Day", Rock Island (95K)
2nd Ave., Rock Island, parade, 1908 (72K)
"Teddy's Day", downtown Rock Island, probably 9/24/1914 (103K)
Rock Island Arsenal (83K)
Col. Davenport home, Rock Island Arsenal, 1989 (incorrect Greek revival porch) (81K)
Col. Davenport home, Rock Island Arsenal, (incorrect Greek revival porch) (80K)
Col. Davenport home, before restoration (76K)
Col. Davenport home, authentic restoration (federal porch) (81K)
Prison hospital, Rock Island Arsenal, 1912 (89K)
Fort Armstrong, blockhouse, 1816, restored 1916 (55K)
Powerhouse & dam below Rock Island Arsenal (78K)
Guard house & government bridge, Rock Island Aresenal, 1918 (75K)
Government bridge, Rock Island (62K)
Steamboat, Rock Island (52K)
Mississippi River near Rock Island, 190? (72K)
Log raft on the Mississippi River (55K)
Log rafting, Mississippi River, Rock Island, 1911 (69K)
River scene, Rock Island, 1907 (64K)
Mississippi River, Rock Island, 1909 (70K)
"Morning Star" by moonlight, 1911 (86K)
Rock Island Arsenal and vicinity (75K)
Panoramic view of Rock Island (46K)
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