Moline Views

Quad Cities views

3rd Ave., Moline, 1908 (88K)
5th Ave., Moline (62K)
5th Ave. & 16th St., Moline, 4/7/1919 (267K)
15th St., Moline (74K)
15th St., Moline (72K)
15th St., from 5th Ave. to 4th Ave., Moline, 1911 (64K)
15th St., Moline, 1914 (64K)
2nd Congregational Church, Moline (65K)
Full Gospel Temple, Moline (57K)
St. Mary's Church, Moline (54K)
Swedish Lutheran Church, Moline, 1910 (57K)
Unitarian Church, Moline, 1910 (76K)
Commercial street, Moline (61K)
Downtown Moline, looking east (65K)
Lagomarcino's, Moline (63K)
Moline City Hospital, 1909 (85K)
Moline Opera House (59K)
Moline Public Hospital (88K)
Moline Public Library, 1911 (84K)
Moline Turners (69K)
The New York Store, Moline (62K)
Post Office, Moline (70K)
Post Office, Moline, 1907 (77K)
Scottish Rite Cathedral, Moline, 1945 (49K)
Student Center, Black Hawk College, 1977 (69K)
YMCA, Moline (53K)
YMCA, "Dispatch", Public Library, Post Office, Moline (57K)
Prospect Park, Moline (71K)
Sylvan Island, Moline (63K)
Sylvan Park, Moline (55K)
Aerial fire truck, 5th Ave. & 15th St., Moline, 1916 (81K)
Belgian Band in parade, Moline, 1914 (81K)
Moline lock, 1908 (214K)
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