Henry Quick

Henry Quick, Dec. 15, 1913 - at our home.

I taught my first term of school at Linn Grove, in Coe Township in the year of 1865. My first term at Bluff School in Coe, was 1881.

The first school for Bluff District was on the west side of the road, on the first knoll as you go south from Golden's. At that time it was necessary to have held school for a period of six months before they could get State aid. This School house was about 16 x 18 feet and was built [in '56] about two years before they moved to the Gottlieb Stilz place where the present school house is.

My brother-in-law, Calvin Lambert was the first teacher in this District, and Amos Golden, Uncle Johnny Hauberg and my father (Tunis Quick) were the first directors.

At the time of the organization of the school there were those who did not want to contribute. Jim Larue did not want a school and said he would rather buy a barrel of whiskey for his boys than to pay money for a school.

I was present when Jim Larue died. He had borrowed a mower from your father, and he had high-lived horses. They called them the Hollister breed. These horses had jumped across a little washout, and Larue was thrown out of the seat and down into the mower knives and his arm was badly cut. They sent for Dr. J. W. Morgan and also for Dr. E. E. Rogers, both of Port Byron. Rogers got there first and at once amputated the arm, and the loss of blood killed him. Dr. Morgan said the flow of blood should have first been stopped and the patient given a chance to recover and the amputation taken place next day, as that was the way he had been taught in the army. As it was, Rogers had done the work and he died that evening.

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