07/02/1863 - McPherson exploded 2nd mine, right flank fort blown away, 5 Rebels killed [I.24.113]

07/03/1863 - Confederates called armistice; meeting between Union officers Grant, Ord, McPherson, Logan & A.J. Smith, and Confederate officer J.C. Pemberton & his three officers [I.24.115]

07/04/1863 - surrender of Vicksburg, MS [I.24.61]

10/31/1863 - Army of the Tennessee, 17th Army Corps., 3rd Division, 3rd Brigade, Brig. Gen. Jasper A. Maltby commanding, 8th Ills, Lt. Col. Josiah A. Sheetz commanding; headquarters, Vicksburg, MS [I.31.824]