06/03/1863 - Grant ordered reinforcements [I.24.92]

06/10/1863 - McPherson within 80 yds of of rebels' front, possible Rebel mutiny [I.24.95]

06/14/1863 - Union officers assumed Vicksburg would fall [I.24.98]
Logan's "sap" (men in trench for advancement upon enemy) attacked the Confederate's farthest protruding battle line, where Logan had been working before [I.24.104]

06/15/1863 - Logan's trenches, in McPherson's center, under shellfire by mortars out of reach by Union aritllery & sharpshooters [I.24.99]

06/20/1863 - spy reported mines in front of Logan's line [I.24.104]

06/22/1863 - siege continued [I.24.102]

06/26/1863 - McPherson exploded mine in front of enemy; men moved up into opening [I.24.109]

06/28/1863 - McPherson had not yet placed rifle pits in previous mine area [I.24.111]

06/29/1863 - Comstock took charge of lines of McPherson & Sherman as chief engineer [I.24.112]