05/01/1863 - Battle of Port Gibson, Thompson's Hill, or Magnolia Church, MS [I.24.585]
17th Army Corps., 3rd Division, 3rd Brigade, 8th Ills [I.24.584-5]
supported 8th Michigan Battery in "destructive fire of shell and canister against the enemy." retreated [I.24.643]

advanced on enemy, drove them back with "great loss" [I.24.644]

05/02/1863 - camped on bank of Bayou Pierre, 2 mi. from Willow Springs, MS [I.24.644]

05/04/1863-05/07/1863 - camped at Hankinson's Ferry, MS [I.24.645]

05/07/1863-05/08/1863 - moved to Rocky Springs, MS [I.24.645]

05/09/1863-05/12/1863 - moved in direction of Raymond, MS, halting at night [I.24.645]

05/12/1863 - battle, 2 mi. from Raymond, MS [I.24.645,705]
3rd Brigade "hotly engaged on the enemy's left" [I.24.645-6]
8th Ills detached from 3rd Brigade, moved to support 20th Ills, charged the enemy with bayonets [I.24.646]
possessed town of Raymond, MS, death of Capt. Frank Leeper [I.24.717]

05/13/1863 - camped at Clinton, MS, [I.24.646], moving toward Jackson, MS [I.24.717]

05/14/1863 - battle outside Jackson, MS, gained possession of city [I.24.646]

05/15/1863 - 3rd Division moved toward Clinton, MS [I.24.709]
moved 22 mi., camped at Bolton, MS [I.24.717]

05/16/1863 - moving in direction of Vicksburg, MS, 3rd Regiment, 8th Ills in bayonet battle [I.24.718]
placed as reserve [717]
Battle of Champion's Hill, or Baker's Creek; engagement at Big Black River Bridge, 8th Ills took field [I.24(II).135]
8th Ills, under Lt. Col. R.H. Sturgess, charged woods, captured 1 gun, a rifled piece, & 500 infantry [I.24.718]

05/17/1863 - moved to Big Black River [I.24.718]

05/18/1863 - en route to Vicksburg, MS [I.24.645]
camped 2 mi. from the enemy [I.24.718]

05/19/1863 - 3rd Brigade in line of battle on crest of 1st ridge, near junction of main Warrenton and Jackson roads, on left of Jackson Road [I.24(II).206]

05/19/1863-05/20/1863 - skirmishing [I.24.719]

05/21/1863 - 3rd Brigade advanced to ravine in front of previous position [I.24(II).206]

05/22/1863 - battle at Fort Hill [I.24.705,716-19]
battle at Vicksburg, MS, Army of the Tennessee, Maj. Gen. U.S. Grant commanding, 17th Army Corps., Maj. Gen. J.B. McPherson commanding, 3rd Division, Maj. Gen. J.A. Logan commanding, 3rd Brigade, Brig. Gen. J.D. Stevenson commanding, 8th Ills, Lt. Col. R.H. Sturgess commanding; operating against Vicksburg, MS, 5/18-7/4/1863 [I.24(II).155-156]

05/23/1863-07/04/1863 - siege against Vicksburg, MS [I.24(II).167]

05/26/1863 - 1st & 3rd Brigade positioned on either side of the road, "White House Battery" [I.24(II).207]

05/30/1863 - McPherson had troops within 50 yards of enemy [I.24.91]