04/01/1865-04/02/1865 - 1st Division in camp [I.49.158]

04/03/1865 - 8th Ills at Blakely, AL, went into camp [I.49.177]

04/04/1865 - 1st Division marches to aid Gen. Steele at Blakely, AL [I.49.158]
8th Ills on skirmish line, 11 p.m. [I.49.177]

04/05/1865 - 1st Division in camp [I.49.158]

04/06/1865 - 1st Brigade relieved 2nd Brigade, one man, 8th Ills, Co. C., wounded [I.49.158]

04/06/1865-04/07/1865 - 8th Ills in camp [I.49.177]

04/08/1865 - 8th Ills on skirmish line, skirmishing considerable [I.49.177,158]

04/09/1865 - great detail of advancement, capture of prisoners [I.49.177]
until 2 a.m., 8th Ills guarded ammunition & weapons gained in siege [I.49.172] 5:30 p.m. 1st Division advanced, 8th Ills as skirmishers advanced 600 yds., drove in enemy skirmishers, "the portion in front of them was immediately carried." [I.49.149]

"As the 8th Ills advanced, it received a very hot fire from the skirmish line, but with shouts and cheers it pressed forward over the rough ground and obstructions of fallen timber, captured the rebel skirmishers, and pressed forward through the double line of abatis to the enemy's main work . . . . The whole regiment dashed over the works led by their gallant officers, and captured 300 prisoners, and pressing forward were the first troops that reached the landing . . . The whole brigade deserves the highest credit for the splendid manner in which the charge was executed. No regiment could have done better than the 8th Ills. It was among the first, if not the very first, to plant its colors on the rebel works." Brig. Gen. James C. Veatch commanding 13th Army Corps [I.49.157]

8th Ills casualties: 54 wounded, 10 killed

description of weapons taken [I.49.176]

04/10/1865 - 1st Division marched at daylight, camped at 8 a.m. [I.49.159]
8th Ills, with 11th & 46th Ills, captured 264 prisoners; Col. J.A. Sheetz & Lieut. Col. Wheaton were commended [I.49.172]
also commended were Sgt. John M. Switzer, Co. B, 8th Ills [I.49.173]

04/11/1865 - 8th Ills broke camp, marched on military road from Blakely, AL, to Spanish Fort, AL; marched to landing below Spanish Fort [I.49.179]

04/12/1865 - 1st Division moved into Mobile, AL, city having been evacuated by the enemy the night before [I.49.159]
8th Ills boarded transport Lawrence, sailed across bay to point 4 mi. from Mobile, AL; marched into city at noon, 8th Ills occupied [I.49.179,165]

04/30/1865 - Military Division of West Mississippi, Dept. of Mississippi, 13th Army Corps, 1st Division, 2nd Brigade, 8th Ills [I.48(II).259]