04/06/1862-04/07/1862 - Battle of Pittsburgh Landing, or Shiloh, TN:
1st Div., Brig. Gen. J.A. McClernand, commanding; 1st Brigade, Col. A.M. Hare/Col. M.M. Crocker, commanding; 8th Ills

8th Ills captured section of enemy battery [I.10.120]
Capt. Robert H. Sturgess, Co. H, succeeded to the command of 8th Ills on fall of Capt. Harvey, Co. K [I.10.121]
8th Ills to left of 2nd Reg. [I.10.124]

04/07/1862 - 8th Ills won field [I.10.126]

04/08/1862 - Senior Capt. James M. Ashmore commanding 8th Ills
Capt. Wheaton, Co. E, wounded
Lt. Caldwell, Co. E, aide-de-camp, Gen. R.J. Oglesby's staff [I.10.126]
Ashmore wounded, Capt. Harvey, Co. K, took command [I.52.16]

04/10/1862 - Pittsburgh, TN; 8th Ills positioned to right of 7th Ills [I.10.162]

04/19/1862 - Army of the Tennessee, 1st Division Reserve Corps, 1st Brigade, Brig. Gen. John A. Logan commanding, 8th Ills, Col. F.L. Rhoads commanding; stationed 1 mi. north of Shiloh Church, on Corinth & Pittsburgh Landing Road [I.10.758]

04/24/1862 - moved forward from Shiloh Church, to Owl Creek (Camp Stanton) [I.10.758]

04/29/1862 - marched 3 mi. on road to Montery, TN [I.10.758]

04/30/1862 - Army of the Tennessee, Maj. Gen. U.S. Grant commanding, 1st Div., Maj. Gen. J.A. McClernand commanding, 1st Brig., 8th Ills, Capt. R.H. Sturgess commanding [I.10(II).152]