03/17/1865-04/12/1865 - Organization of Union forces, operating against Mobile, AL: 13th Army Corps, 1st Division, 2nd Brigade, Brig. Gen. E.S. Dennis commanding, 8th Ills, J.A. Sheetz commanding [I.49.105]

03/17/1865-04/12/1865 - Return of casualties, Mobile, AL, 8th Ills:

03/17/1865 - 8th Ills left Fort Gaines, Dauphin Island, AL, on Steamer Swain, landed at Navy Cove [I.49.178]

03/18/1865 - 8th Ills left Navy Cove, marched 4 mi. & camped [I.49.178]

03/19/1865 - broke camp, marched 10 mi., camped [I.49.178]
1st Division marched, crossed Shell Bank Bay [I.49.158]

03/20/1865 - marched [I.49.178]

03/21/1865 - roads impassable, built corduroy roads [I.49.158,178]

03/22/1865 - moved 4 mi. [I.49.178]
1st Division crossed Mud Creek [I.49.158]

03/23/1865 - heavy rain, marched 2 mi. [I.49.178]

03/24/1865 - crossed Fish River, marched 7 mi. [I.49.178]
1st Division marched 13 mi., crossed Fish River, camped on road leading to Deer Park [I.49.158]

03/25/1865 - marched 8 mi. [I.49.178]

03/26/1865 - marched 8 mi., camped 1.5 mi. from Spanish Fort, AL [I.49.178]
1st Division crossed D'Olive's Creek, met enemy [I.49.158]
8th Ills in line of battle 1.5 mi. from Spanish Fort, AL [I.49.176]

03/27/1865 - enemy retreated [I.49.158]

03/27/1865-03/29/1865 - 8th Ills furnishing details for fatigue duty in the trenches [I.49.177]

03/28/1865 - 1st Division skirmishing, 2nd Brigade in reserve [I.49.158]
8th Ills: 1 man killed, 3 wounded while working in trenches [I.49.177]

03/29/1865 - heavy firing [I.49.158]

03/30/1865 - 1st Division heavy skirmish firing, marched 2 mi. on Holyoke Road [I.49.158]
8th Ills marched to the rear on Blakely Road [I.49.177]

03/31/1865-04/11/1865 - operations before Blakely, AL; 13th Army Corps involved [I.49.149]

03/31/1865 - 1st Division marched, arrived at Holyoke, 12 midnight [I.49.158]