02/01/1864 - 3rd Division held ready to march [I.32.209]

02/03/1864-03/06/1864 - Meridian, MS Expedition, 17th Army Corps., Maj. Gen. J.B. McPherson commanding, 3rd Division, Brig. Gen. Mortimer D. Leggett commanding, 3rd Brigade, Brig. Gen. J.A. Maltby commanding, 8th Ills, Lt. Col. J.A. Sheetz commanding [I.32.170]

02/03/1864 - 3rd Division left Vicksburg, MS, marched 19 mi. [I.32.170,213]
17th Corps. held ready to depart at main Jackson Road, camped at Edward's Depot [I.32.309]

02/04/1864 - infantry of 3rd Division followed main road to Clinton, MS; resistance met at Champion's Hill, enemy driven back; 17th Corps. camped near junction of Clinton, Bolton & Raymond Roads [I.32.309]
3rd Division marched 14 mi. to Bolton Station via Edward's Depot & Champion Hill, camped on Bear Creek [I.32.226]

02/05/1864 - 2 brigades of 3rd Division put in motion against enemy, set enemy back through Clinton, MS; at dark, 3rd Division is 2 1/2 mi. from town, had marched 18 mi., skirmishing constantly for 10 mi. [I.32.210]
3rd Division marched 23 mi. to Jackson via Clinton, MS, skirmishing 11 mi., camped in Jackson, MS [I.32.226]

02/06/1864 - Leggett's (3rd) & Crocker's Division rebuilt bridge, crossed it [I.32.210]
3rd Division remained in Jackson, MS [I.32.226]

02/07/1864 - 17th Corps. moved forward at sunrise, crossed Pearl River, marched 14 mi., entered Brandon, MS, camped 1 mi. from town [I.32.210,226]
3rd Division marched 16 mi. toward Morton, MS [I.32.226]

02/08/1864 - 17th Corps. marched, camped on Line Creek, 4 1/2 mi. from Morton, MS [I.32.210]
3rd Division marched 4 mi. to Morton, MS [I.32.226]

02/09/1864 - 17th Corps. marched, entered Morton, MS, camped, destroyed railroad [I.32.211]

02/10/1864 - 17th Corps. marched, camped on Talla Bogue, 3 1/2 mi. east of Hillsborough, MS [I.32.211]
3rd Division marched 14 mi., through Hillsborough, MS [I.32.226]

02/11/1864 - 17th Corps. marched 8 mi., camped on Tuscalameta Creek [I.32.211]
3rd Division marched 10 mi. toward Decatur, LA [I.32.226]

02/12/1864 - 17th Corps.: pioneer corps corduroyed roads through Tuscalameta Swamp, marched 15 mi., command reached Decatur, LA at 5 p.m., camped [I.32.211]
3rd Division marched 18 mi. to Decatur, LA [I.32.226]

02/13/1864 - 17th Corps. marched, camped at Tallahatta Creek [I.32.211]
3rd Division marched 12 mi. toward Meridian, MS [I.32.226]

02/14/1864 - 17th Corps. marched, camped on Oktibbena Creek, 4 1/2 mi. from Meridian, MS [I.32.211]
3rd Division, 3rd Brigade marched 12 mi. on Meridian road [I.32.226]

02/15/1864 - Crocker & Leggett's (3rd) Divisions moved into Meridian, MS, camped on south and west sides of town [I.32.211]
3rd Division marched 7 mi. to Meridian, MS [I.32.226]

02/16/1864-02/19/1864 - 3rd Division, 3rd Brigade destroyed railroad and government buildings [I.32.212,226]

02/20/1864-02/26/1864 - 17th Corps. return march via Decatur, Hillsborough, Canton, and Brownsville, crossed Pearl River at Ratiff's Ferry, reached Canton, MS, on 2/26 [I.32.213]

02/20/1864 - 8th Ills, Lt. Col. John H. Howe commanding, turned over 29 Rebel prisoners to 124th Ills Infantry [I.32.236]

02/21/1864 - 3rd Division, 3rd Brigade marched 17 mi. to Decatur, LA [I.32.226]

02/22/1864 - 3rd Division, 3rd Brigade marched 17 mi. toward Hillsborough, MS [I.32.226]

02/24/1864 - 3rd Division marched 16 mi. toward Canton, MS, on old Jackson Road [I.32.226]

02/25/1864 - 3rd Division marched 6 mi. to near Pearl River [I.32.226]

02/26/1864 - 3rd Division marched 17 mi. to Canton, MS [I.32.226]

02/27/1864-02/29/1864 - 3rd Division destroyed railroad in Canton, MS [I.32.226]

02/29/1864 - 17th Corps. camped at Canton, MS [I.32.213]