Troop Movements of the 8th Illinois Volunteer Infantry 02/01/1862 - General Orders No. 5: District of Cairo, 1st Div., Brig. Gen. J.A. McClernand commanding, 1st Brigade, Col. R.J. Oglesby commanding [I.7.126]

02/02/1862 - landed 8 mi. below Ft. Henry, TN, 1st Brigade, between Ft. Henry & Camp Halleck, Ft. Henry changed to Ft. Foote [I.7.126]

02/10/1862 - District of Cairo, 1st Brigade, Brig. Col. R.J. Oglesby commanding, 8th Ills, Lt. Col. F.L. Rhoads commanding [I.7.126]

02/11/1862 - Battle of Ft. Donelson, TN, 1st Brigade moved 5 mi. from Ft. Foote (Ft. Henry) [I.7.170]

02/12/1862 - 8th Ills in line of battle at Indian Creek [I.7.170]

02/13/1862-02/14/1862 - Battle of Fort Donelson, TN

02/15/1862 - attack, 8th Ills on left [I.7.175]

8th Ills held one of 3 principle roads [I.7.185]

02/16/1862 - surrender of Ft. Donelson by Confederates [I.7.180]

02/12/1862-02/16/1862 - Siege of Ft. Donelson, TN:
Brig. Gen. U.S. Grant commanding; 1st Div., Brig. Gen. John A. McClernand commanding; 1st Brigade, Col. R.J. Oglesby commanding; 8th Ills

02/21/1862 - District of West Tennessee, 1st Division, Brig. Gen. J.A. McClernand commanding, 8th Ills [I.7.649]